The Las Vegas bettor dubbed “Sir Let it Ride,” who won $14 million on the first six games of the World Series, is trying his skill at football. He has reportedly placed seven-figure wagers at several area sports book on Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Jimmy Vaccaro takes big Super Bowl bets
South Point oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro said he saw the mystery man who won $14 million on the 2017 World Series make a six-figure bet on the Philadelphia Eagles for this Sunday?s Super Bowl. (Image: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

He apparently likes the underdog Philadelphia Eagles to win. He has been to at least four establishments plunking down cash on them to win. Even though his bets have been on the money line it has affected the spread. Since his action the line has dropped a full point to 4.5.

South Point oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro said he was seen putting $500,000 on the NFC Champions on the money line. At +160 he would net $820,000 if the team won outright. Vaccaro told the Associated Press the gambler keeps a low profile.

“He’s one of the guys who was floating around betting all that money on the World Series,” Vaccaro said. “I don’t think he lost a bet then, we’ll see how he does now.”

According to multiple news agency stories he has made a $1 million money-line wager on the Eagles on the William Hill mobile betting app and another $700,000 at a CG Technology casino.

The biggest wager was a $2 or $3 million bet on the Eagles on the money line at the Mirage. Vice president of race and sports for MGM Resorts Jay Rood said a large amount of money was spent but would not offer any specific.

Success at World Series

If the anonymous gambler does as well as he did in November the sportsbooks’ winning streak of nine consecutive years where they made a profit might get broken. Nevada facilities reported a record $11.4 million loss on baseball for that month, much of it attributed to this one individual.

He used the same strategy for the World Series that he is using for the Super Bowl. He walked into several Strip properties and spread money around.

The first game he bet a combined $500,000 and then continued to roll over his bet on the next game. By the fifth game he was up $8 million and placed it all on the Dodgers to win Game 6.

When they did he was up $14 million. By this time the story had hit the internet and gamblers were openly rooting for him. Many wanted him to go for broke on Game 7, but he took his winnings and disappeared.

Urban Legend?

Though no one has divulged his name or has him on an invite list for their Super Bowl party, the mystery gambler that some people thought might be a hoax is becoming one of the most popular legends on the Strip. What is known is that he is under 30 years of age and of European descent and has made previous bets on MMA fights.

But he is not a regular sports gambler. He picks his spots and chooses marquee events where he can bet large sums of money. It is not known if he is working for a syndicate or this is all of his own cash.

“Nice kid, very easy to work with,” Vaccaro told the AP. “It’s the first time he’s bet with us since the World Series.”

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