Two big scraps escalated into hockey fights during full tilt Tuesday in the NHL. In the first hockey fight of the night, Barclay Goodrow (San Jose Sharks) and Brett Ritchie (Boston Bruins) tussled during a blowout. Meanwhile, in the second hockey fight of the night, the game had just started at Madison Square Garden when Michael Haley (New York Rangers) and Pat Maroon (Tampa Bay Lightning) decided to drop the gloves have a go at it.

Hockey fights Ritche Goodrow Haley Maroon
Boston Bruins winger Brett Ritchie lands a punch against San Jose Sharks winger Barclay Goodrow during a hockey fight in Boston. (Image: Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports)

The Boston Bruins (9-1-2) started off the season in dominating fashion. They’re leading the East with 20 points in only 12 games. The Bruins were about to pick up their ninth victory of the season when a hockey fight occurred.

The San Jose Sharks (4-8-1) kicked off their season on the wrong foot. The Sharks are fighting the LA Kings as the two-worst teams in the Pacific Division.

Even though the game was over with the Sharks trailing 5-1, Goodrow thought he needed to make a stand after the Bruins pushed them around all night.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Lightning were unbeatable last season. However, this season the Lightning (5-4-2) got off to a sluggish start. They were hoping to correct the ship against a subpar NY Rangers (4-5-1) squad at Madison Square Garden. Alas, the young and feisty Rangers were ready to throw down from the opening puck drop. Inspired by the Michael Haley and Pat Maroon fracas, the Rangers would eventually win 4-1.

Hockey Fight: Brett Ritchie vs. Barclay Goodrow

The Bruins scored five goals in the first two periods, while the Sharks struggled to get the biscuit in the basket all night long. With the score 5-1 Bruins late into the third period, wingers Brett Ritchie and Barclay Goodrow squared off.

Goodrow and Ritchie were roughly the same weight, even though Ritchie had two inches of height in the tale of the tape.

Goodrow tried to jab Ritchie off balance. When that failed, Ritchie took control and unleashed a flurry of right-hand haymakers.

“Jackhammer to the head!” screamed the announcer. “Goodrow is a blind man throwing (punches) at a ghost.”

Ritchie easily came out on top of his hockey fight against Goodrow.

Hockey Fight: Michael Haley vs. Pat Maroon

Less than two minutes into a 0-0 game, fans at Madison Square Garden were treated to one-on-one combat. Rangers center Michael Haley picked a fight with newly acquired winger Pat Maroon, who won a Stanley Cup with his hometown St. Louis Blues a few months ago.

Maroon held the size advantage with at least four inches in height and another 20-25 pounds in weight. However, Haley had more experience in hockey fights.

After a protracted tussle with very little action, Haley continued to spin and spin Maroon until he wriggled his right arm free and unleashed a quick punch. Haley knocked down Maroon.

“There’s the experience of knowing how to fight,” added the announcer about Haley’s pugilist skills. “It’s about leverage and spinning Maroon around. As a smaller man, it’s about spinning him around.”

Maroon would have to leave the game after the hockey fight that Haley easily won. The rumble fired up the Rangers, who skated to a 4-1 victory on their home ice.


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