Millions of dollars will be bet on the 2018 Super Bowl, and only a fraction of that amount will be on who will win the game. The majority of the money will be on the proposition bets.

Pink is singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LII and one of the unusual proposition bets is what hair color she will choose with pink/red the favorite. (Image: Getty)

While gamblers can choose the coin toss winner or who will score first some of the most creative side wagers have little to do with the action on the field. Several internet sites take it as a challenge to see how creative they can be and sometimes the outlandish wagers are more entertaining than the game.

Last year some of the eccentric bets included what would be thrown onto the field. With Atlanta playing one of the options was a dead falcon at 300-1, which fortunately did not happen.

Think you know what color Pink’s hair will be when she steps out on the field to sing the National Anthem before the start of the game? Online sports books are offering odds for a variety of follicle palettes she may choose with pink/red the favorite at +150. Blue/purple or green is the long shot at +400.

Coin Flips and Clothing Choices

What participants will be donning is one of the more popular categories of side wagers. From singers to coaches there seems to be a prop bet on their sartorial choices.

Singer Leslie Odom Jr. is slated to sing America the Beautiful and his attire has attracted a couple of bets. One is whether he will wear a coat with the no at +200 and the yes at -260.

Halftime singer Justin Timberlake has been known to wear a hat while he performs and odds makers are confident he’ll have some form of headgear when he first steps out on the stage with a yes a -140 and a no a +110.

Guessing what New England Coach Bill Belichick will wear is always dicey. The sports books are thinking he’ll be in a shirt or jacket, but says nothing about his trademark hoodie. The game will be in a domed stadium so he may go for lighter clothing. A blue top is -140 while a red or white shirt is a +650.

As for the game itself, that starts with a coin flip. And right now, multiple betting sites offer different variations of this wager. In what’s supposed to be the ultimate 50-50 proposition, “Tails” holds a slight historical edge, having been the result in 27 out of 51 Super Bowls to date. Some sites allow you to pick which team will win the toss, and others allow you to choose whether or not the team that calls it in the air will be correct.

Other Bizarre Props

Justin Timberlake was involved in one of the most controversial Super Bowl halftime moments when he inadvertently exposed Janet Jackson’s decorated breast in what was called a wardrobe malfunction. The books are taking advantage of the legendary gaffe and offering a bet that it will happen again with a yes at +1500 and a no a -4000.

The Gatorade dump on the winning coach has become a cliché but still much like the wave in the stands doesn’t seem to be going away. What color will the winning coach be doused with? Clear or water is the favorite at + 200 and the long shot is no liquid dousing at +1200.

After the game the speculation is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will retire. If he does so on the televised broadcast bettors will get +1200 odds. The smart money is on no at -2500.

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