The Super Bowl broadcast reaches approximately 100 million people, and the prop bets related to the televised event are big business to sportsbooks. Several side wagers are offered, including everything from what the broadcasters will say, to what celebrity might grab some camera time.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Super Bowl broadcast prop bets
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be covering their fifth Super Bowl, and there are plenty of broadcast prop bets regarding the telecast. (Image: Fox Sports)

Fox Sports has the rights to the game this year. Once again Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be in the booth. The two will work their fifth Super Bowl a week from Sunday when Kansas City faces San Francisco. Interestingly, Buck’s father, Jack, was the play-by-play announcer when the Chiefs last last played in the big game in Super Bowl 4, 50 years ago.

Joe Buck isn’t that popular with Kansas City fans. The city still resents Buck’s alleged fawning over the San Francisco Giants in the 2014 World Series when they played the Kansas City Royals. Many took to social media to criticize what they saw as a bias by Buck.

His partner, Aikman, won’t be getting any drinks bought for him in Kansas City either. In September, The Athletic tweeted that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had already thrown 36 percent of Aikman’s career touchdowns in less than 10 percent of the games. The Hall of Fame quarterback responded, “Talk to me when he has 33 percent of my Super Bowl Titles.”

Prop Bets Focus on What Buck, Aikman May Say

How Buck and Aikman perform during the telecast will be critiqued by many, but what they say will be important to those making Super Bowl broadcast prop bets. Especially key words that oddmakers have set lines for on the game.

One is whether either of them will say favorite. Both the “yes” and “no” are at -120 at Bovada. The word “underdog” has the same odds. There’s also value in whether to duo will say “Patriots.” New England won’t be in the big game for the first time in three years, and their absence might be a topic of discussion. Oddmakers don’t believe so, however. Mentioning the word “Patriots” has -280 on the “no,” and +185 on the “yes”.

With the 49ers in the game, oddsmakers at BetOnline are banking on the fact that Buck or Aikman will mention some of the team’s former players. If one of them mentions Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana first, that will pay odds of -125. If wide receiver Jerry Rice is first out of their mouths, there are odds of +125. Steve Young is the dark horse to be talked about first at +300.

A new line this year with the explosion in sportsbetting around the country is whether the two mention the point spread or over/under. The “yes” is the underdog at +215, while the “no” is at -330.

Where are the Cameras Pointed?

Celebrities and the Super Bowl have been intertwined for years, and a few of the broadcast prop bets are on who the cameras will find. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will definitely be at the game, but will Fox give him some airtime during the 2020 Super Bowl? The “yes” is at -170, while the “no” is at +130.

A couple of celebrities might get cameos. Musician Drake is a longshot to see air time, with the “no” at -550. The “yes” is at +325. Another musical artist, Jay-Z, is more likely to be shown, but is still a longshot. He is at -320 not to be shown, and +210 to get on television.

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