For a second year in a row, the Arizona Cardinals selected a quarterback with their first pick in the NFL draft. The Cards selected Heisman Trophy winner, Kyler Murray from Oklahoma, with the top pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Cards No. 1 Pick Kyler Murray
The Arizona Cardinals selected Heisman Trophy Winner Kyler Murray, QB from the Oklahoma Sooners, with the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. (Image: Andy Lyons/Getty)

As expected, defensive players Nick Bosa and Quinnen Williams were picked second and third respectively by the San Francisco Niners and New York Jets. With the second pick the San Francisco Niners selected a Nick Bosa from Ohio State, who joins his brother in the NFL. The Jets picked Bama’s defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, who dominated some of the best players in the SEC.

2019 NFL Draft – Top 6 Picks:
1. ARIZONA CARDS: Kyler Murray, QB (Oklahoma)
2. SF NINERS: Nick Bosa, DE (Ohio State)
3. NY JETS: Quinnen Williams, DT (Alabama)
4. OAKLAND RAIDERS: Clelin Ferrell, DE (Clemson)
5. TAMPA BUCS: Devin White, ILB (LSU)
6. NY GIANTS: Daniel Jones, QB (Duke)

No surprises this year during the first six selections in the draft. The Oakland Raiders did not make an impulsive trades at the last second. Instead they selected Clemson’s Clelin Ferrell to play either DE or potentially OLB. With the fifth pick, the Tampa bay Bucs bolstered their linebacker corps with Devin White.

The New York Giants did not trade up, but they still managed to grab a quarterback with the sixth pick. It wasn’t Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins. Instead, the Giants selected Dan Jones from Duke.

QB Drama in Arizona

Last season, the Arizona Cards used their #10 overall pick to select quarterback Josh Rosen from UCLA. Despite numerous comments that Josh Rosen is Kliff Kingsbury’s guy to run the Air Raid offense, the Cardinals selected Murray. The Chosen Rosen is presumably on the trading block, otherwise, he will be competing with Murray for the starting QB job in Arizona.

Murray had the option to play professional baseball with the Oakland A’s but opted to pursue a career in the NFL instead.

Last year, Rosen was quoted saying he “was pissed off” that he fell to tenth overall. We can only wonder his reaction to the Murray pick.

San Francisco Ends

The Niners finished with only three wins in 2018. They took a bad beat when Jimmy G went down with an ACL injury.

The Niners have been somewhat predictable the last few years. They selected defensive end for the fourth time in the last five years. The last few drafts have seen them snatch up Arik Armstead (2015), DeForest Buckner (2016), and Solomon Thomas (2017) in the first round. Last year, the Niners picked tackle Mike McGlinchey from Notre Dame.

Nick Bosa joins his brother, Joey, and father as other Bosas selected in the first round of the NFL draft. The LA Chargers picked Joey Bosa with the third pick in the 2016 draft. The elder Bosa, John Bosa, was picked by the Miami Dolphins with the 16th overall pick in the 1987 NFL Draft. Bosa played a couple of seasons as a DE for the Dolphins and Dan Marino.

LOL Jets and LOL Giants

The New York Jets held on to the third overall pick. There were rumors the Jets would trade down in the draft if the Oakland Raiders or New York Giants wanted to make a move to possibly grab Ohio State’s Dwyane Haskins.

The Jets have made terrible moves with their draft picks in the past. Fans will never let the team off the hook for their previous transgressions on draft day. Past blunders included Johnny Lam Jones, Kyle Brady, and Blair Thomas.

This year, the Jets picked up DT Quinnen Williams. His teammates at Bama liked him to a bar of soap because Q-Will is slippery as heck and you can’t get a firm grip on him. He created headaches for opposing offensive lines in the SEC. Williams played against the best of the best in college and dominated the opposition.

Meanwhile, with the sixth pick the NY Giants picked Daniel Jones from Duke. The G-Men hope Jones will be the guy to replace Eli Manning. Jones specifically worked with the same coach who trained with both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning.