What is EV & how does it affect your bankroll?

SEASON 3: Bankroll Management / LESSON 4

Lesson description

Experienced blackjack and poker players mention expected value (EV) often, but what does it mean? Mr Blackjack shows how EV can be crucial towards measuring your long-term performance.

What this lesson covers

  • What expected value is
  • How this metric works
  • - how EV can help you make smarter decisions in blackjack

Meet Mr Blackjack

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Mathieu Blake
Professional blackjack player

With a career spanning two decades, Mathieu Blake knows his way around a blackjack table. He's taught and entertained over 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel NeverSplit10's . In this series he'll take you through basic strategy, card counting, and bankroll management. Take a seat with Mr Blackjack and become a winning player.

Season 3

Bankroll Management


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