What every player should know about insurance bet in blackjack

SEASON 1: Blackjack Rules & Gameplay / LESSON 10

Lesson description

Insurance bet payouts may seem appealing, but the reality of this side bet paying out is questionable. Find out whether this side bet is worth the risk with Mr Blackjack.

What this lesson covers

  • The mathematics behind insurance bet
  • How often insurance bet pays out
  • The optimal conditions to make this wager

Meet Mr Blackjack

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Mathieu Blake
Professional blackjack player

With a career spanning two decades, Mathieu Blake knows his way around a blackjack table. He's taught and entertained over 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel NeverSplit10's . In this series he'll take you through basic strategy, card counting, and bankroll management. Take a seat with Mr Blackjack and become a winning player.

Season 1

Blackjack Rules & Gameplay


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