Blackjack terms are listed in alphabetical order

  • Blackjack - a two card hand consisting of an ace and any 10 value card.
  • Box - the area in front of each player where bets are placed.
  • Bust - to go over a hand total of 21.
  • Count - to mentally record cards dealt so far in an attempt to predict future card trends.
  • Chip Down - to decrease your bet from what was bet the last hand.
  • Chip Up - to increase your bet from what was bet the last hand.
  • Double Down - to bet up the amount of your original amount again and receive just one more card.
  • Even Money - the option to take a 1-1 payout on your bet if you have blackjack and the dealer has an ace.
  • Hard Hand - a hand that does not contain an ace, meaning it can only have one total value.
  • Hit - to take another card.
  • Hole Card - the dealer's face down card.
  • Insurance - a bet offered only when the dealer has an ace. Paid at odds of 2-1 if the dealer gets blackjack.
  • Jack Black - a drunk player's blackjack. Also a fat & very funny comedian.
  • Monkey - a card with a value of 10.
  • Paint - a picture card.
  • Pair - a two card hand containing equal value cards. Pairs may be split.
  • Perfect Play - to play your hand according to widely accepted blackjack strategy.
  • Shoe - the box on the table that the cards are placed in and dealt from.
  • Soft Hand - a hand containing an ace valued as 11, meaning another card may be taken.
  • Split - the option to bet your original amount again and split two equal value cards into two seperate hands.
  • Stand - to not take any further cards - also known as 'sitting'.
  • Stand Off - when a player has the same hand value as the dealer.
  • Surrender - the option to forfeit half of your bet if you think you cannot beat the dealer.
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