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    Progressive Blackjack

    Internet casinos are famous for their huge jackpots. When you visit a casino online, it's not uncommon to see prizes worth millions of dollars. What's even better is that these progressive jackpots grow right before your eyes. The only downside is that they are largely limited to games of chance like slots. Fortunately, that's changed recently thanks to the rise of progressive jackpots. When playing online, blackjack progressive games work just like standard twenty-one but with an added side bet that can pay serious dividends. We found that offers the best blackjack progressive experience in 2019.

    Our entertainment experts have tested hundreds of casinos and card rooms to find the world's best online progressive blackjack. If you're looking for authentic blackjack tables with brilliant graphics, amazing gameplay, and top payouts, you'll love what's in store. Here's what you'll find when you visit a recommended casino online:

    Supercharging Your Favorite Game

    Whether you are playing at your local casino or prefer online gambling, progressive blackjack is simple to play. If you've ever played any type of real money blackjack, you have nearly all the training you'll need to enjoy the progressive version of the game. In fact, progressive blackjack simply adds an optional side bet to your hand. When you land a qualifying hand, you'll be eligible for a bonus payout. Blackjack progressive players must place the standard game bet as well. That means, for the most part, you'll still be playing real cash blackjack as you know it.

    As the name suggests, progressive blackjack offers a prize pool that grows over time. Whenever a player makes a side bet, a portion of the wager goes into the jackpot. Over time the jackpot rises until a lucky fan lands four suited aces to win the prize. Of course, online games with progressive blackjack isn't an all or nothing proposition. There are plenty of other ways to win real money when enjoying this game. We'll run down all the qualifying hands below.

    Playing for a Piece of the Progressive Jackpot

    Progressive blackjack games begin just like any other version of the card game. After taking your seat, you'll notice two betting regions. There will be a standard circular betting area and a smaller circle or coin slot where you can place your progressive side bet. Given the long odds on winning large prizes, most people place no more than a dollar on side bets. In fact, many online casino sites restrict progressive side bets to a buck per hand. It is possible to play several blackjack progressive hands at once, but you'll need to stand, hit, double, or split on each hand independently. Progressive blackjack players will also need to place separate side bets on each hands.

    When online gambling, progressive blackjack players still aim to land on 21. While there are different house rules, our favorite version pays 3 to 2 for a blackjack and forces the dealer to stand on 17 or above. You'll also be able to buy insurance, which is in many ways the original side bet, but we generally advise against this.

    Winning Progressive Blackjack Side Bets

    You can win your side bet even if the dealer beats you. All you have to do is place your real money wager before the game starts and land a qualifying card combination. When playing online progressive blackjack, players will need to land 4 suited aces in a row starting from the first card in their hand. Some betting sites make it slightly easier by letting you win with four aces of the same color, but generally there offer worse returns on other hands.

    Of course there are plenty of other hands that qualify for a prize. Here are some of the most popular qualifying hands, but be sure to check the pay table when taking your seat, as they vary by site.

    • Four suited aces as your first four cards - Jackpot
    • Three suited aces as your first three cards - 5000:1
    • Any four aces as your first four cards - 2500:1
    • Any three aces as your first three cards - 250:1
    • Two suited aces as your first two cards - 100:1
    • Any two aces as your first two cards - 50:1
    • An ace as your first or second card - 5:1

    Blackjack is so popular because of the great payouts it offers. If you play correctly, the house advantage can be less than half a percent. Even though the jackpot is huge at an online casino, progressive blackjack side bets aren't as profitable. Top sites can still have a 5% edge over players. Still, it's worth playing for real cash just to have a shot at a big prize. The game isn't geared toward grinders as much as hopeful players looking for a massive payday in 2019.

    Play at the Best Progressive Blackjack Sites

    If you love the thrill and strategy of twenty-one but prefer the prospect of winning $50,000 or more off a paltry $1 wager, progressive blackjack is the top way to play. Yet you don't have to look far and wide for great places to enjoy the game. Our casino experts have found the best progressive blackjack games in 2019. Visit any of our top rated online casino sites and you'll earn a handsome bonus just for signing up.

    Progressive blackjack adds a massive jackpot to the world's favorite casino card game for even more excitement.
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