Five players recorded a triple-double on Saturday in the NBA including Julius Randle, Greek Freak, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Domantas Sabonis. Those five All-Stars set a new NBA record for most recorded triple-doubles in the same day with five.

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Russell Westbrook and Greek Freak have a post-game chat after both players scored a triple-double when the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Washington Wizards. (Image: Nick Wass/AP)

Prior to the NBA All-Star break, four players recorded a triple-double in the same night.

Greek Freak and Westbrook recorded a triple-double against each other when the Milwaukee Bucks edged out the Washington Wizards.

Westbrook leads the NBA and tallied a triple-double 11 times this season and tallied the biggest one on Saturday with 42-point triple-double.

Harden notched his ninth triple-double, all nine with the Brooklyn Nets, which tied him for second in the NBA with Nikola Jokic.

Russell Westbrook 42 10 12
Greek Freak 33 11 11
Julius Randle 26 12 12
James Harden 24 10 10
Domantas Sabonis 22 13 10

Luka Doncic scored eight triple-doubles this season and he’s currently ranked #4 in the league.

Greek Freak scored a triple-double six times this season and he rounds out the top five.

Sabonis has been a one-man show in Indiana this season. The Pacers’ All-Star secured his fifth triple-double of the season.

Randle added his second triple-double of the season with the New York Knicks. He’s now become the first member of the Knicks to achieve that feat since Mark Jackson pulled it off in 1989.


The Washington Wizards surprised a lot of fans with a surge prior to the All-Star break. After a half-season with the Wiz, Westbrook looks like his old self. Don’t forget, he averaged a triple double for several seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder before he was traded to the Houston Rockets.

The Wiz could not defeat the Bucks without Bradley Beal in the lineup. Westbrook picked up the scoring slack with 42 points. He hoisted up 32 shots and knocked down 16, including 5-for-11 from 3-point range. He also added a couple of steals to go along with his 12 assists and 10 rebounds.

Triplo-Diplo Freak

Did you know that “Antetokounmpo” means triple-double in Greek? Actually, it doesn’t and it’s really triplo-diplo, which sounds super cool.

The Bucks are 2-0 since the All-Star Break. The Greek Freak also scored a triple-double in both victories. In a 33-point blowout win against the New York Knicks on Thursday, the Freak scored 24 points and added 10 rebounds and 10 assists for his fifth triple-double of the season.

The Freak tallied a triple-double in back-to-back games with 33 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists in a big win over the Washington Wizards. Westbrook scored more points than the Greek Freak, but the Freak walked away with the victory.

“Another win, that’s all that matters,” said the Greek Freak after the game.


With his latest triple-double, Randle keeps giving everyone more reasons to vote him as the NBA’s Most Improved Player. He’s also been a low-key MVP. The revitalized Knicks would be fighting for a lottery pick if Randle did not emerged as the most-consistent player with the team.

“Julius had a monster game,” said head coach Tom Thibodeau. “To score the way he did, the assists, the all-around play, I think that’s what leaders do. This season, the numbers speak for themselves, but his impact on winning is huge. His leadership has been terrific.”

Randle led the Knicks to a blowout win against the Oklahoma City Thunder. But if you watched the first quarter, you probably wanted to turn it off because the Knicks stunk it up. They were down by double-digits early, but erased the deficit with a big surge in the second quarter. The Knicks pulled away in the second half and won by 22 points.

Randle had a stellar all-around performance with 26 points on 8-for-15 shooting. He also hauled down 12 rebounds, dished 12 assists, and added 2 steals. Randle recorded his ninth triple-double of his career in OKC.

A Triple-Double Grows in Brooklyn

Yes, another day, another triple-double for Harden. Since he arrived in Brooklyn, the Nets offense now runs through Harden. He’s handling more point-guard duties, while Kyrie Irving focuses on scoring as a more traditional shooting guard role.

“I play the game the right way, and hopefully good things happen for me,” explained Harden.

A quiet Harden had only 12 points in the first three quarters against the Detroit Pistons. But he doubled his scoring output in the fourth quarter to help seal the victory and repel a late-surge from the Pistons. The Nets needed his deft offensive skills on a night in which Irving went cold and missed ten shots including 0-6 from 3-point land.

The Nets locked up a victory and improved to 26-13 on the season, just a half-game behind the top-seeded Philadelphia 76ers, who will be without Joel Embiid for at least two weeks after a knee injury.

Harden led the Nets in scoring with 24 points, despite not connecting on a 3-pointer. He also shot 0-for-6 from downtown. Overall, Harden tallied a triple-double with 24 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, three blocks and two steals.

Sabonis Scorches Suns with a Triple-Double Upset

Sabonis initially got snubbed from the All-Star team, but he got to play when he filled in for Kevin Durant as an injury replacement.

The Indiana Pacers are on the bubble in the Eastern Conference playoff hunt and need every win they could get. They surprised bookies and bettors alike when they upset the Phoenix Suns in Phoenix with an 11-point victory. The Pacers came into the game as a +7 dog.

Caris LeVert joined the Pacers’ lineup for the first time this season after recovering from surgery to remove a mass on his kidney. LeVert provided the Pacers with an emotional boost. In the meantime, Sabonis paced the Pacers with 24 points, 13 rebounds, 10 assists, and four blocks. He shot an efficient 9-for-13 from the floor in the win.

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