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Who doesn't love playing the lottery? Whether you prefer buying tickets to your state lotto, Mega Millions, or Powerball, it's easy to catch lottery fever. There's something almost magical about choosing your lucky numbers and watching the drama unfold during the televised draw.

But did you know your options aren't limited to just weekly and nightly draws? Thanks to legal online gambling, keno puts lottery-style games in your hand whenever you want. It's easy to pick your numbers, watch the balls fall where they may, and collect your real money winnings all on your computer or mobile. Our experts found Slots.lv offers the best keno online gambling in 2018.

If you're ready to experience some good gambling online, keno is just the beginning. We've tested, and compared hundreds of sites to find the top places to play with the best selection of games on the web. Here's what you'll find at our recommended sites:

  • Licensed, regulated, and certified casino online action
  • Safe and convenient banking options
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A Historic Game of Chance

Keno is hardly a recent invention. In fact, contemporary lottery games are based on keno, which has been played in Europe and Asia for several centuries. Long before the invention of online gambling, keno was enjoyed by affluent Chinese generals during the Han Dynasty. The game not only spread to the masses, but it's commonly credited for helping pay for the Great Wall of China. Armed with that historical fact, it's easy to see why politicians across the USA turned to the lottery to raise much needed dollars.

While the original form of the game has been largely criticized for its famously terrible odds, keno online gambling gives you a better shot at winning in 2018. More importantly, the draw takes place immediately after selecting your numbers. Playing keno for real cash gives you far more flexibility than the average lottery game.

How To Play

Playing Keno

When online gambling, keno might just be the easiest game to play for real money. Before you begin with keno, you'll see a gaming board with numbers ranging sequentially from 1 to 80. Your task is to choose anywhere between 1 and 15 numbers. All you have to do is click or tap on your desired keno online gambling numbers. If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can easily tap the number a second time to deselect it.

When online gambling with keno, you'll have the opportunity to adjust the total amount of your real money wager. Once you're happy with your selections and the size of your bet, just click the play or draw button. Next, 20 numbered balls will be drawn in succession. When enjoying online gambling, keno players will win more dollars by matching more numbers. The amount of numbers you'll need to match in order to receive a real cash payout will depend on how many selections you made in the first place. Keep in mind that keno players can choose between 1 and 15 numbers, which means that in some cases you'll only need to match a single number. It's worth checking out the dynamic payout table before finalizing your wager.

Ultimate Games of Chance

While early keno games were largely mechanical and made use of ping pong balls to randomly drawn numbers, the internet version is entirely electronic. When you play keno at a casino online, the action is based entirely on random number generators or RNGs. These are the same computer programs that make most online casino games possible. They ensure that every draw is completely random and each outcome mirrors the mathematical odds of happening. In the world of internet gambling, keno players can play confidently, knowing that these RNGs are regularly audited and certified by respected independent agencies.

Real Money Excitement on Demand

Play for Real Money

Gambling online with keno is a great diversion. If you find yourself waiting for your turn at a poker table, why not play some quick keno? You can easily start betting and winning in seconds without taking your eyes off the other action. The best part is that the top rated sites work brilliantly with any PC, Mac, Android tablet, smartphone, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, or Linux computer. Although the game requires absolutely no training, you can even play for free to get familiar with the changing payout table.

Put Your Lucky Numbers to the Test

Keno online gambling is always exciting. Whether you prefer playing alone or in the company of friends, you can count on great real cash entertainment. Yet just like all forms of online gambling, keno is available almost everywhere. Nonetheless, there's no point putting your faith in any old site. Our keno specialists have uncovered the greatest places to play with the best payouts. You can even claim a gigantic welcome bonus when you sign up at these recommended sites.

Online keno brings you all the excitement of classic lottery draws with none of the waiting."
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