Tennis Tournaments

There are plenty of tennis tournaments to bet on throughout the year, ranging from Grand Slams to smaller tournaments in far-flung parts of the world. Below, you can learn about the best tennis tournaments which offer the top tennis betting markets available.

Location: Melbourne, Australia Start Date: Mid January
Venue: Melbourne Park
Most Titles (Men): Novak Djokovic
Most Titles (Women): Margaret Court

The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the calendar year and despite not being the most prestigious of the four slams, still holds huge allure.

Played on hard courts and with a total prize pool in excess of A$60 million, successful players at the Australian Open tend to be strong playing from the back of the court, hence Novak Djokovic’s success. Players also need to be able to cope with the heat - January in Melbourne often sees some extreme temperatures!

Location: Paris, France Start Date: Late May
Venue: Roland Garros
Most Titles (Men): Rafael Nadal
Most Titles (Women): Chris Evert

The French Open is the pinnacle of the clay court season, favouring players with a more patient approach to the game. There can be no doubting the fact that Rafael Nadal is the greatest French Open competitor of all time, with 12 singles titles to his name already.

The tournament offers a total prize pool of just over €40 million - the second smallest prize pool of all four Grand Slams. The slower pace of play can put some fans off, however there’s certainly a definite skill to mastering the clay courts.

Location: London, UK Start Date: Late June
Venue: Wimbledon
Most Titles (Men): Roger Federer
Most Titles (Women): Martina Navratilova

Wimbledon is the highlight of the tennis calendar and is seen as the most prestigious tournament due to its illustrious history. While it has the smallest prize pool of all four Grand Slams, it’s not about the money. Instead, it’s about the prestige of winning the world’s best-known and oldest tennis tournament.

Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam played on grass courts, favouring those able to serve and volley skilfully. The matches are generally fast-paced and therefore hugely exciting, meaning that the tournament is a favourite with fans.

The tournament offers a total prize pool of just over €40 million - the second smallest prize pool of all four Grand Slams. The slower pace of play can put some fans off, however there’s certainly a definite skill to mastering the clay courts.

Location: New York, USA Start Date: Late August
Venue: Flushing Meadows
Most Titles (Men): Richard Sears/William Larned/Bill Tiden
Most Titles (Women): Molla Mallory

The US Open is the final Grand Slam of the season and arguably the second most prestigious tournament around. Like the Australian Open, it’s played on hard courts, and is the only Grand Slam to use 7-point tiebreakers in every set - other tournaments have special rules for final sets finishing 6-6.

The total prize pool for the event is million and 128 competitors compete in both the men’s and women’s events. In recent times, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have dominated the men’s tournament, while Serena Williams has been the dominant player in the women’s game.

Location: London, UK Start Date: November
Venue: The O2 Arena
Most Titles (Men): Roger Federer

The ATP Finals is the concluding tournament of the men’s tennis season. It’s contested by the top eight players of the year and is currently held in London. The tournament will be moving to Turin from 2021. It starts with two groups of four players, with the top two in each group advancing to the knockout stages.

While not a Grand Slam, it is still an exceptionally important tournament, and one that everyone wants to win. There’s a prize pool of $8.5 million, plus there are also plenty of ranking points up for grabs. The tournament is played indoors on a hard surface and only lasts for a week.

Tennis Betting Tips


This is a bet placed on the outcome of an entire tournament. So, for example, you could predict that Roger Federer will win Wimbledon before the tournament starts. This bet type requires patience, but can yield some nice wins, especially if you correctly pick a less-fancied player to win.


This is the simplest of all bet types, as you’re just going to predict which player will win the match. This is the best type of bet for those only just starting to bet on tennis and it can return big prizes if you manage to correctly predict a shock victory.


A handicap is when a player has a certain number of games deducted from their total. The winner is then the player with the most total games, when the handicap is accounted for.

Handicap Bet Example

Roger Federer is the favourite against Gael Monfils ahead of their match. Before it starts you place a bet for Monfils to be given a handicap of 3.5 games.

Federer beats Monfils - 6-1, 1-6, 6-3

However, your handicap bet is on the total number of games won…

Federer - 13 Games Won

Monfils - 10 Games won +3.5 = 13.5 Games Won

Despite losing the match, with the handicap applied, your bet on Monfils to win more games has come in.

R. Federer Favourite
G. Monfils Underdog
6 1
1 6
6 3
13 10
+ 3.5 = 13.5
You Win

In Play/Live Betting

In play betting is massively popular with tennis fans. Standard betting sees you placing wagers before the match gets underway, however in play betting allows you to bet while the action is ongoing. This allows skilled tennis gamblers to make predictions based on how they feel the match is going.

In Play/Live Bet Example

Andy Murray has just won the first set (6-2) against Milos Raonic.

You’ve recently done research on Ranoic’s slow starts, recent form and Murray’s poor fitness levels.

Raonic beats Murray - 2-6, 6-3, 7-5

Your ability to bet during the match has led to you predicting an outcome against the odds, and likely returning more than if you bet before the match started.

A. Murray
M. Raonic
6 2

Live Bet For Raonic To Win

2 5
5 7
You Win

Over/Under Betting

The betting site will predict how many games they think a match will contain. You will then need to predict whether the total number will be higher or lower than that. It’s a really simple bet, but one often used by more experienced gamblers.

Correct Score

This is exactly what it sounds like - you’ll just have to predict the correct score of the game. So, if you predict that Djokovic will win the match by three sets to one, you’ll win a prize if the match finishes with that score.

Set Betting

There are many different types of set bets in tennis, howev¬er the most common is simply predicting which player will win a specific set. It’s a great bet to make if you’re betting in play, as you can really use your intuition of the game to make a good prediction.

Best Tennis Players

Professional tennis is a massively competitive world, however there are some players who have proven themselves to be a cut above the rest. The players below are arguably the most dominant in the modern game.

PlayerNationalityGrand SlamsTotal Titles
Roger FedererSwiss20102
Rafael NadalSpanish1984
Novak DjokovicSerbian1676
Serena WilliamsAmerican2372
Andy MurrayBritish345
Instagram tennis earnings
Setting the pace

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does each way mean in tennis betting?

    When you place an each way bet on a player, you’ll be forced to bet double the usual amount. So, a $5 each way bet on Rafael Nadal would cost you $10. You’ll then win a prize if the player finishes either first or second in the competition. The prize will be considerably larger if they finish first though.

  • Where can I bet on tennis?

    Every good online sports betting site will allow you to bet on tennis, however you’ll find the best tennis betting sites here on this page. Our experts have looked over every aspect of the reviewed sites, and you can be sure that a recommended site is both safe and trustworthy.

  • What happens to a tennis bet if a player retires?

    The outcome varies depending on the sports betting site you use, so you should check with them if you’re concerned. Generally, the bet will be declared void if the player retires near the beginning of the match. If two sets or more have been completed though, the retiring player will be deemed to have lost.

  • How do tennis odds work?

    Imagine a player has odds of 2.50. This means that you stand to receive back 2.50 x your bet should the bet be a successful one. For fractional odds, like 5/2, simply divide the first number by the second and then multiply by your stake. This will show the profit you’ll make - add your stake to find out the total prize.

  • How to watch tennis online?

    There are some betting sites that will allow you to watch live streams of matches, however this is only usually possible if you’ve placed a bet on the match in question. If not, you’ll find that the Grand Slams are generally streamed online by the TV channel broadcasting them. A subscription might be needed though.

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