Greyhound Racing Betting Guide

Greyhound Racing

Betting on greyhounds is a popular pastime in certain parts of the USA. The best way to bet on dog races these days is to do so online. This sport is still legal in some US states and in other English-speaking countries like Australia, South Africa and New Zealand and the UK.

If you’re looking to get to grips with greyhound betting, then we’re here to help. We only feature the best places to bet on greyhounds online.

When you visit our top greyhound betting sites, you'll find:

How We Find the Best Greyhound Betting Sites

Getting Familiar with Greyhound Racing

Getting a greyhound bet or two on is very easy these days with so many betting sites offering odds on this and many other sports. How do you know where to find the best sportsbooks for betting on greyhounds, though?

Take these greyhound betting tips and lookout for the following:

How to Sign Up to a Greyhound Betting Site
  1. Pick out the sportsbook you want to sign up to
  2. Click on the 'Join' button, which will be prominently displayed on the homepage
  3. Fill the registration form in with your personal information
  4. For extra levels of safety, you may be asked for security questions and answers, and definitely to provide a password for your account
  5. Enter a promo code when prompted – this may be needed to activate your welcome bonus
  6. Agree to the sportsbook’s terms and conditions and confirm your age

Greyhound Racing Betting Bonuses

All top betting sites will offer you something for joining them and the very best will go on rewarding your loyalty with regular offers to incentivize gambling. Different types of promotion are aimed at different bettors, but should be available whether you want to bet on greyhounds online or some other sports:

An Introduction to Greyhound Betting

Real Cash Bets

Like horse racing, a greyhound bet on its most basic level is for a certain dog to win the race it’s running in. Although more niche in popularity than the horses, greyhounds betting is the same. It depends where in the world a race is taking place for the types of odds you’ll encounter.

In the UK and Ireland, prices are expressed as fractions, while in the USA and elsewhere they are more commonly in decimal or moneyline form. A particular dog can be 3/1, +4.00 or 4.00 in the betting but has the same chance of winning according to the oddsmakers. In either case, you can bet $1 on the greyhound to win and receive a return of $4 ($3 of profit, plus the stake you gambled back).

Many top sportsbooks will allow you to view odds expressed either as fractions or decimals nowadays, so if you’re more comfortable with one format over the other just adjust your settings before betting.

Types of Greyhound Bets

Given how close the history of betting on greyhounds is linked with horse racing, you will find that the types of wagers and markers available are very similar. You don’t need to be familiar with gambling on the horses to understand the bets on offer at the dog track though.

Besides backing an animal to win, you can also take odds for it to finish in a place. There are even more complicated wagers in the offing when you use greyhound betting sites. Check out this neat summary:

Odds can be expressed as fractions or decimals with and without the moneyline plus and minus symbols that are popular on American sportsbooks. Any price with a minus in front of it, like -2.00, means a dog is the clear favorite. Odds with a plus, like +15.00 suggest that greyhound is rated an underdog. As there are six or eight possible outcomes, rather than just one team or another or a draw like in soccer, seeing the minus moneyline symbol in dog racing is rarer.

Betting on Greyhounds Live

Betting on Greyhounds Live

As the Internet Age has revolutionized the way we live, the world of sports betting is no exception. Some betting exchanges will allow you make wagers in running, so you are actually engaging in live greyhound betting.

It’s not as common as the in-play betting you see in other sports, but it does exist. One important difference to note between fixed odds gambling and using an exchange is that you are wagering against a fellow bettor and not the sportsbook. You may be charged commission on your winnings by those oddsmakers who facilitate the bet, so factoring that into your greyhound betting strategies is important.

Mobile Greyhound Gambling

Mobile Greyhound Gambling

Another innovation of the digital age we live in is the advent of mobile technology. You can take your betting with you anywhere with an internet connection thanks to smartphones and tablets. Greyhound racing betting is no different to any other sport in this regard.

If you’re at the track, the best way to bet on dog races is to download a sports betting app for free that most leading sportsbooks provide. These are most commonly compatible with devices that have Android or iOS operating systems. Should you have a Windows Phone, Blackberry or some other device, you can still bet on the go as long as you can get online!

Greyhound Racing Basics

In case you’re wondering exactly how greyhound races work, we’ve got the basics covered here:

  • Greyhounds are loaded into traps and released at the start of a race
  • Depending on where in the world the race is taking place, there are usually just six to eight dogs in a race
  • They used to chase a live hare around the track, but this has been outlawed and replaced by an artificial lure that travels ahead of the dogs until the finish
  • Most dog tracks are oval in shape and, races take place over about half of a kilometer
  • Greyhound races can take place on turf or dirt surfaces
  • The dog in front at the finish line is declared the winner

Choosing the Best Greyhound Betting Sites

When you want to place an online sports wager, looking at greyhound betting and tips might not be the first thing you think of. Despite being among the more niche sports on offer, there are many potentially rewarding opportunities to be had gambling on the dogs.

Greyhound betting still happens all over the English-speaking world, and that means there’s usually something happening you can wager on somewhere. Our experts have tried and tested all the best gambling sites out there and can vouch for the licensed sportsbooks we recommend here.

If you want to get involved in gambling on the dogs, then visit one of our top-rated betting sites today. Like what you see? Then why not sign up and take advantage of a welcome bonus or two to get you started! We’ve picked only the absolute best sites for greyhound racing and betting here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is greyhound racing?

    Greyhound racing is where six to eight dogs chase an artificial hare around an oval racetrack after being released from starting boxes that are called traps. The winner is the first dog that gets to the finish line.

  • Can I bet on greyhound racing online?

    You sure can. Although it is admittedly among the more niche sports, all top sportsbooks should offer you odds to gamble on greyhound racing. This is because races take place all over the English-speaking world from USA to New Zealand.

  • What are the best online greyhound betting sites?

    If you’re looking for top places to get a bet on greyhounds online, then you’ve come to the right place. We shortlist only the best, legal, most reliable and safest sports betting sites that offer wagers on the dogs right here.

  • Which states have dog racing?

    Greyhound racing in the USA predominantly takes place in Florida now, but the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Texas and West Virginia also have active tracks. The laws governing whether dog racing is even legal varies from state to state across America.

  • What are the most popular greyhound bets?

    No greyhound betting strategies are complete without knowing the popular types of bet in this dog racing sport. As well as backing a greyhound to win a race, you can look at place and show markets. These are for it to either come first or second, or first, second or third respectively.

    Exacta and trifecta bets, meanwhile, are where you pick out two or three greyhounds and bet on them to finish first or second, or first, second or third in a specified order.

  • Can I watch live dog racing online?

    Some sportsbooks will allow you to watch greyhound racing online if you place a bet. There will be a minimum stake for wagers to qualify for viewing of a live stream, so check out the betting site’s terms and conditions to find out more.

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