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If you're a red-blooded American who appreciates soccer, you know the world's best football doesn't play out on our pitches. You need to look across the Atlantic to Europe, where the biggest game in the world gets the attention it deserves. It doesn't matter if you just want to watch top tier talent or enjoy online gambling, Serie A football always lights up the scoreboard. The Italian league is on par with the EPL, Bundesliga, and the Spanish La Liga. That is especially apparent to anyone interested in Serie A football gambling. We found that FanDuel offer the greatest soccer odds in 2018.

If you're new to the world of Serie A football, online gambling doesn't have to be intimidating. With our handy guide and a map to the best internet gambling Serie A football sportsbooks, it's easy to bet with confidence. Here's what you'll find at a top betting site:

Getting Familiar with Italian Football

Learn about Italian Football

Serie A is more than just one of Europe's best football leagues. It also happens to be one of the longest running. Although the current round-robin tournament format didn't begin until 1929, the league was officially founded in 1898. With a lengthy track record, it's obvious that the Italians have a knack for what we call soccer. It also has a long betting tradition that now extends to the world of online gambling. Serie A football gets more than its share of press too, which means real money online gambling with Serie A football isn't about dumb luck.

Serie A football enthusiasts have plenty of betting opportunities given the league's structure. All 20 Serie A clubs have a chance to play each other twice throughout the regular season, which runs from August through May. That means every team faces every other team at home and on the road for a total of 38 games. Like most European leagues, teams earn three points in the standings for a win and one for a tie. The top three teams get to play in the Champions League, while the squads that finish fourth and fifth enter the Europa League. As you should be able to tell, sportsbook Serie A action is plentiful.

Making Sense of the Odds

When online gambling, Serie A football bettors can make all sorts of wagers, but betting on the full time results is by far the most common way to win real cash. Let's take a look at a match between Empoli and Crotone with European odds.

Full Time Results

Empoli 1.66

Draw 3.75

Crotone 5.50

As you can tell there are three Serie A online gambling options here. You can chose a team to win or bet on a tie. In order to calculate you how much cash you can win just multiply your wager by the number listed to the right of your selection. For example, betting $100 or Crotone will pay $550. Keep in mind that this figure isn't your profit as it also includes your original wager. That means a $100 bet will net you a $450 profit.

Betting with Real Money on Serie A

Win Real Cash from Serie A

Although betting on the outright winner or a draw are the most popular online gambling Serie A football bets, that's just one slice of the giant pizza pie. The top Internet gambling Serie A football sites let you predict the exact score, number of goals, margin of victory, and outcome after the first half just for starters. You can also wager real money on individual player performances, what time the clock will read when the first goal is scored, and whether a team scores on themselves. Don't forget to try Asian handicaps. They're a great way to win real cash when the traditional odds aren't particularly attractive.

Winning the Bets

Whether you are a certified soccer fanatic or just love Italian sports, it doesn't get much better than Serie A online gambling. The only excuse for sitting on the sidelines is if the season has wrapped up. Of course, you can always start wagering real money on next year's winner. No matter what you betting strategy happens to be, we've found the best online casino sportsbooks and internet bookies that offer soccer gambling. Serie A football fans can not only count on great odds, but you'll also earn a cash bonus when you sign up. It only takes seconds to start enjoying Serie A football gambling at these recommended sites.

Whether you prefer to call the game soccer or football, Serie A offers some of the best sports bets on the planet.
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