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Only Brazil have won the World Cup more times than Italy, so their premier soccer division Serie A is always respected. This Italian league is right in amongst the best in Europe alongside the Bundesliga, La Liga and the English Premier League.

Whether you’re familiar with ‘Football Italia’ or not, gambling on Serie A can be fun and rewarding. We’re here to help point you in the direction of the best Italian soccer betting sites.

All our recommended top sportsbooks have:

How We Find the Best Serie A Sites

Learn about Italian Football

There is so much choice out there online for gambling on soccer, that it can be difficult to know where to begin. The recommended sportsbooks all featured here put Serie A betting and tips front and center of their football coverage.

This is what we suggest you look for in a top betting site for Italian league soccer:

How to Sign Up to a Serie A Betting Site
  1. Choose one of our recommended sportsbooks and visit the site
  2. Look for the Join or Sign Up button that will feature prominently towards the top of the homepage
  3. Hitting that will bring up a registration form that you need to fill in with your personal information
  4. Some betting sites ask for a security question and answer to give your account an extra level of safety
  5. You’ll probably be asked to create a username and password for your account too
  6. Now is the time to enter any promo codes you may have – some sportsbooks won’t give you their welcome bonuses without them
  7. Confirm your age and agree to the site’s terms and conditions
Serie A Bonuses

Serie A Gambling Bonuses

Promotions to keep you betting are an accepted part of the gambling industry. Whatever the gimmick and whether you’re a new or existing customer, different types of bettor are targeted by oddsmakers with bonuses and offers. Broadly speaking, here are the three main types available:

Serie A Betting Online

How does betting on Serie A work? It’s no different to any other soccer league, but you may be new to gambling in general and want to understand a wager at its most basic level. This is what betting on Serie A winners of matches looks like:

As you can see, the odds on the outright match result between Juventus and AC Milan are expressed as decimals. You may also see them expressed in moneyline terms on US sportsbooks with pluses next to the underdog team and minuses by the favorites. In the UK and Ireland, betting odds are expressed as fractions instead.

Working through our example, Juventus are hot betting favorites to win at a price that means you win $4 for every $6 you stake. The decimal price 1.67 becomes fractional odds of 4/6.

Milan, meanwhile, are outsiders in the betting. For every $2 wagered on them, you would win $5 leaving you with a total return of $7. That 3.50 price becomes 5/2 as a fraction. Betting on a tie here would be a win of $11 for every $4 staked, hence why 3.75 when expressed as a fraction is 11/4.

The reassuring thing about odds types are that most sportsbooks nowadays let you decide how you want to see prices. Whatever you’re used to, make sure you adjust your account setting so the way things are expressed is familiar to you and you’re comfortable with before betting.

Serie A Bet Types

Types of Serie A Bet to Take

Betting on Serie A has developed well beyond just who will win matches on any given day. Like other top soccer leagues, there are a whole host of markets to gamble on if you want. Check out this neat summary of some of the most popular:

Betting Live on Serie A

As mobile and digital devices have developed, sports betting has become revolutionized by them and more sophisticated as a result. You can now gamble on soccer like Serie A while games are actually happening. It’s called live betting.

Also known as in-play betting, it’s brought about entire new markets like next team to score and next goalscorer. How cool is that? You could actually bet live on a Serie A soccer game in the San Siro or Stadio Olimpico if you visit Italy.

Serie A Betting on Mobile

Serie A Betting on Mobile

With online gambling proving more popular than ever, and the fact most of us carry smartphones or tablets around with us nowadays, the betting industry has had to become mobile friendly. Provided you can get an internet connection, you’re able to place wagers anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Sports betting apps that are free to download from popular sportsbooks are designed to sync with Android and iOS devices in particular. If you’ve got a Blackberry or Windows Phone, then don’t worry. The mobile version of the sportsbook can easily be accessed via your web browser. Sports betting on Serie A soccer is a truly mobile experience now.

Competition Format & Structure

How does a Serie A season work? If you’ve wondering about the competition and its format, here are our top 10 facts about Italy’s premier soccer league:

Serie A History

A Brief Serie A History Lesson

Founded in 1898, Serie A adopted its current round robin format in 1929. It is one of the oldest leagues in world soccer. Prior to that, it had regional and inter-regional rounds. Serie A has always contained at least 16 teams but settled on 20 from 2004 onwards.

Match-fixing scandals have reared their ugly head in Italian soccer more than once. Their national team, the Azzurri, managed to win a fourth World Cup in 2006 in the wake of major league corruption that saw Juventus stripped of the title and relegated from Serie A.

Italian football has always been an attractive destination for some of South American soccer’s stars. Brazil legend Cafu and Argentina counterpart Javier Zanetti, who was part of the Inter Milan side that won a historic Champions League, Coppa Italia and Serie A treble under Jose Mourinho in 2010, are examples.

This league has been home to some of the all-time soccer greats. Three of Serie A’s top six appearance makers are goalkeepers: Dino Zoff, Gianluca Pagliuca and Gianluigi Buffon are all icons of their own eras. AC Milan great Paolo Maldini holds the record for most appearances in the league with 647 outings over almost 25 years.

Just seven players have scored 200 goals or more in Serie A history. They are headed by interwar striker Silvio Piola. Roma legend Francesco Totti is second on this list and the third highest appearance maker.

Time to Place Your Serie A Bets

You’ve seen how gambling works for Serie A betting and our tips for finding the best places to put your wagers on. It’s time to have some fun and start staking!

Whatever your betting strategy is, there’s a sportsbook to suit you. Only the very best places to gamble on Serie A feature among our recommended sites, so why not visit one today and get a slice of the dolce vita!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Serie A?

    It’s Italian football’s equivalent of the MLS or English Premier League. The top division of soccer in Italy.

  • What are the best sites for Serie A betting?

    You’re in luck. Only the top sportsbooks that offer the best gambling experiences and Serie A prices feature among our list of recommended betting sites. Check them out on this page!

  • What are the most popular Serie A bets?

    Some popular wagers placed on Serie A are match odds and others outright. If you want to bet on a game, then the match result, goalscorer markets, handicap betting and accumulators are things to look out for. On the outright front, the Serie A top scorer betting and who will win the league are among the popular markets enjoyed by bettors.

  • Can I bet on mobile?

    Absolutely. Simply download a sports betting app from the sportsbook you use for free. These are designed to be compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. If your device is a Blackberry or Windows Phone, then you can always use your web browser to find the mobile friendly version of the betting site you gamble through.

  • What is Serie A live betting?

    This is where you place bets on a Serie A soccer game as it is happening live. It’s also called in-play betting.

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