A Guide to the English Premier League Online

What is the English Premier League?

Even if you aren't a soccer fan, chances are you've at least heard of the English Premier League. The football league certainly lives up to its name by featuring elite talent. The EPL, as it is often abbreviated, is considered the top football league in the world, although some pundits argue that Spain's La Liga is equally great. Either way, it's worth getting familiar with the English Premier League. Online gambling fans in particular will find top betting opportunities. With lots of free internet coverage courtesy of the BBC, Sky Sports, and The Telegraph, it's not hard to educate yourself and successfully place winning bets. We found that offers the best English Premier League football odds.

Given the popularity of the EPL, there are several great sportsbooks that offer English Premier League football betting. Here's what you'll find when you visit a recommended bookmaker:

Getting Familiar with the EPL

What is EPL?

When online gambling, English Premier League football is fairly straightforward. The league features 20 teams. During the regular season each team plays 38 games from August through May. Each team plays every other EPL team once at home and another time on the road. Teams earn three points for every victory and one point for a tie, which helps rank teams in the standings.

Americans are often shocked to discover that the league has no playoff structure or championship game. The only exception is if there's a tie in the standings at the end of the season. In this case both teams will need to have identical run differentials and scored an equal number of goals over the course of the season. That might be disappointing to English Premier online gambling bettors who are expecting Super Bowl quality action. Of course this is hardly the end of the line when gambling online. English Premier League teams that finish in the top four get to play in the UEFA Champions League. It's shouldn't be surprising that the competition attracts plenty of casino online betting dollars.

English Premier League Odds

Since the sport is most popular in the United Kingdom, don't be shocked when you encounter English Premier League online gambling football odds in a British format. For example, in a match between Swansea and Chelsea you might be offer the following full time results:

Swansea 5/1

Draw 3/1

Chelsea 1/2

Brits like to express their odds in fractions. If you ever bet on horses these will be instantly familiar. If you want to bet on Swansea, you'll win five times your cash. At the same time betting on a tie pays three to one. The wager on Chelsea might lookin confusing, but as the favorite a one to two payout makes in sense. Keep in mind that if you win when online gambling with English Premier League football fractional odds, you'll get your original wager back on top of the figures expressed above. That means a $100 wager on Swansea will return $600 to you, which includes your original stake for a $500 profit. Many sites now let you display the real money odds in your choice of format, so it's a good idea to use whatever works best for you in 2019.

Internet Betting Options

How can I bet on English Premier League?

Considering the popularity of English Premier League online gambling, don't be surprised to find over a hundred different ways to bet on even the most meaningless matches. Aside from just betting real cash on a win or draw, you can take advantage of double chances, half time results, over under bets, the winning margin, the first ten minutes of the match, and individual player accomplishments just for starters. Asian lines are also gaining popularity at online casino sportsbook. They let you factor in a margin of victory for more lucrative bets. These are really just a few of the casino online betting English Premier League possibilities. This is especially great news for people betting real money for the first time. It's possible to play conservatively until you get a handle on the action.

Enjoy the Best with EPL Football

Given the popularity of soccer betting compared to other forms of online gambling, English Premier League football fans can always count on great odds. Of course, you can save yourself the trouble of registering at dozens of different bookmakers all at once. Our English Premier League gambling experts have vetted and compared every licensed bookie and sports gambling online casino on the net to find the best odds. You'll not only find the greatest English Premier League online gambling at our recommended sites, but you'll get a warm welcome in the form of a cool cash bonus. Why not fill your wallet with a few extra dollars before kick off? It's easy at these top rated sites?

The English Premier League offers unbelievable excitement and great betting opportunities from August through May.
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