Olympic Football Online Betting Guide

How ot bet on Olympic Soccer

While the FIFA World Cup is certainly soccer's premier tournament, it's only held every four years. Luckily, gamblers and sports fans don't have to sit on the sidelines during all those intervening years. The sports calendar is fully loaded with football tournament and matches. Yet given the buzz surrounding the summer games at sportsbooks at sites that offer online gambling, Olympic football always garners plenty of attention. Conveniently held two years before and after the World Cup, Olympic soccer features both men's and women's medal tournaments. While the qualifications and structure are different than more popular football tourneys, there are plenty of great betting opportunities.

Whether you prefer betting on group stages or medal matches, online Olympic football betting makes it easy to back your favorites. Here's what to expect when you visit a recommended online bookmaker:

Olympic Football Structure

Online Olympic Soccer Structure

If you're hoping to take advantage of online gambling on Olympic football, it's a long road to Tokyo 2020. While you can find a few sportsbooks accepting bets on the outright winning a couple years in advance, do you really want to tie up your real cash? Most Olympic soccer internet gambling fans keep themselves busy with other top tournaments. Still, it's worth understanding how the tournament works, even if it's a long way out. When it comes to online gambling with Olympic football for real money, bettors should know there are separate men's and women's tournaments.

When online gambling, Olympic football fans need to realize that the makeup of each team differs from other contests. Most of the spots on each men's squads are reserved for players under the age of 23. In fact, teams can have no more than three players above this age threshold. As you might expect, online gambling on Olympic soccer can help you preview what's in store for future World Cups. Of course the talent pool does tend to be more amateur during the Olympics. Interestingly enough, there are no age restrictions on the women's Olympic soccer.

Olympic Football Betting Online

Olympic football online gambling bettors ought to understand that the men's soccer features 15 teams plus the host nation. The women's contest has just 11 squads in addition to Japan in 2020. Prior to the elimination tournament, teams enter a group phase where they play each of the other three teams in their division once. The best eight teams then proceed to a knockout tournament. If you are interested in real cash online gambling, Olympic football is loaded with betting opportunities throughout the tourney. The winners of the quarter-finals progress to the semi-finals and ultimately the gold medal match. The losers of the semi-finals don't necessarily go home empty handed. They have the opportunity to play in the bronze medal match. It all adds up to plenty of top casino online betting opportunities.

When online gambling with Olympic football, betting on the outright winner is definitely the most common real money wager. Yet there are endless ways to spend your dollars. You can bet on the margin of victory, individual player performances, the time of the first goal, and so much more. Don't forget that when gambling online, Olympic football lets you take advantage of handicapping. It's a great way to get better odds at games that are a foregone conclusion. The possibilities are endless when you visit a top rated sportsbook. Just ask anyone who took advantage of the 2022 Brazilian Olympics.

Olympic Football Odds

Understanding the Odds of Olympic Soccer

Due to the international nature of the Olympics, it's common to see decimal odds. These differ from the American odds that real money gamblers are often accustomed to. At the end of the day, they are really easy to understand. In a match between the USA and Japan, you may encounter the following money line:

USA 1.35

Japan 1.78

To calculate how much real money you stand to win from your bookie, simply multiply the figure listed beside your team with the size of your bet. That means $10 bets on the USA or Japan pay $13.50 and $17.80 respectively. What's important to note here is that these figures show you how much money you will get back and include your original wager. That means the potential Olympic football profits are $3.50 and $7.80. If you prefer American style odds, you can typically toggle them at top bookmakers.

Real Money Olympic Football Betting

Whether the Olympics are in your rearview mirror or straight ahead, you can always count on fantastic odds at the best online casino sportsbooks. Our experts have not only found the world's top Olympic football online gambling, but we've also found great betting opportunities from the wide world of sports. Log on now to check out the odds and take advantage of incredible promotional bonuses for new sign ups.

With simultaneous men's and women's tournaments, Olympic football is brimming with lucrative betting opportunities.
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