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Major League Soccer (MLS) is the top league in American soccer, with franchises in both the USA and Canada. As with any sport, you can get soccer betting lines on all the action during the regular season and playoffs.

When it comes to gambling online, there are other things you can also expect from our handpicked top sportsbooks.

Only top rated and recommended betting sites feature here, and they all:

How We Find the Best MLS Sites

As the MLS has grown in popularity, so have the number of sites through which you can bet on it. We’ve taken the headache of searching the internet to find the top ones away by creating a checklist of what best in class looks like.

The top sportsbooks out there online should have:

How to Sign Up to an MLS Betting Site
  1. Visit the sportsbook you wish to join from our list of top MLS betting sites
  2. There should be a 'Join' or 'Sign Up' button to click on that’s prominently displayed on the homepage
  3. Complete the registration form by entering your personal details
  4. This may include a security question and answer to give your account an extra level of safety
  5. Create a username and password that you’ll use to log in
  6. Now enter a promo code if applicable – some sportsbooks won’t give you the welcome bonus unless you have one of these
  7. Confirm your age (different states have different gambling laws) and agree to the terms and conditions of the betting site

What MLS Betting Bonuses Can I Get?

Different sports betting bonuses available on our list of recommended sportsbooks are there for different types of bettor. It’s the same whether it’s a promotion specific to the MLS or a general offer that can be used on soccer. Oddsmakers have to go beyond just attracting new customers these days:

How to Bet on MLS?

You may never have placed a soccer bet in your life but are interested in the MLS and want to know how it all works. At the most basic level, you can gamble on the result of a match. In this market, there are only three possible outcomes. Either the home team wins, the away team wins or the match ends in a draw.

The soccer odds on an MLS game can be expressed in three different ways and, broadly speaking, these depend on where in the world you’re placing your bet. While the oddsmakers of the UK and Ireland prefer their prices in fractions, the rest of Europe and beyond go for decimals.

In America, those decimal odds are preceded by a plus or minus and are called soccer betting lines. Let’s look at an example:

Galaxy are the betting favorites to win the match because there is a minus sign next to their price. If you place a $1 bet on the home team to win, then you will receive a return of $2 (your $1 stake back, plus $1 of profit). Betting on a drawing here would see a $4 wager return $10 (with $6 in winnings). Los Angeles FC, meanwhile, are the betting underdogs and for every $2 you put on them, you’ll receive $8 back (including $6 of profit) if they win.

If you’re used to seeing fractional or decimal odds without the moneyline plus and minus, then many sportsbooks allow you change how prices are displayed these days. Make sure you adjust any account settings before you start betting, so that you feel comfortable and confident that you know what you’re betting on and what it means.

Types of MLS Bet to Take

The MLS betting odds on offer these days are more sophisticated than simply betting on which team will win a match. Gambling on soccer is big business the world over; so, just in case you’re wondering what other popular markets are out there, here’s a breakdown of some:

Live Betting on the MLS: How to Bet In-Play

A major innovation in the world of sports betting over recent years is you can bet on events like the MLS as games are happening. It used to be the referee would blow his whistle to start a match and that was when the betting stopped as fixed odds markets were closed.

That’s no longer the case as live betting, also known as in-play betting, is available. Special markets like next team or score and next goalscorer have evolved out of this concept which has revolutionized how we bet. Top sportsbooks will already be on board with it.

MLS Betting on Mobile

Sitting side by side with in-play wagers is how easy it is nowadays to place a soccer bet on your mobile. You could even be at an MLS game taking in all action and, thanks to an internet signal and your smartphone or tablet, actually be gambling on what’s unfolding in front of you.

All the top sportsbooks have sports betting apps that are free to download and most commonly available for digital devices that run on Android or iOS operating systems. If you’re with another provider, such as Blackberry or Windows Phone, then don’t worry. A mobile friendly version of a sports betting site can be found in your web browser. One way or another, you can make your MLS betting truly mobile.

MLS Competition & Format Structure

There are currently 23 MLS franchises in the league – 20 in the USA and three in Canada. These are split into the Eastern Conference and Western Conference. Each MLS team plays the other clubs in their own Conference home and away in the course of the regular season, but also those from the other Conference just once (either home or away).

The top six teams from each Conference at the end of the regular season advance to the playoffs. Each club is seeded, so the top two from each Conference receive byes from the early rounds of the playoffs and enter at a later stage. The MLS Cup Final can only be between one team from the Eastern Conference and another from the Western Conference. Some playoff ties are over two legs, but the first round and final are just one match.

A Brief History of MLS

Founded in 1993 and first played in 1996, the MLS has grown into an increasingly popular league that is now broadcast around the world. Franchises are being added to the competition all the time and its profile has increased because of some famous soccer players coming over to the USA and Canada to play in it, often towards the end of their careers.

The MLS started with just 10 teams in 1996 but has now more than doubled in size. In 2007, the introduction of a Designated Player Rule helped to facilitate the influx of international soccer stars starting with ex-England captain David Beckham. Far from being a one-way street, a number of homegrown American talents have started out in the MLS only to go on to bigger and better things in Europe.

Jozy Alitdore and Clint Dempsey are among those to have make a successful transition going the other way. A number of World Cup winning players like Spain striker David Villa, France legend Thierry Henry and Italy playmaker Andrea Pirlo all followed in trailblazing Beckham’s footsteps, however. Many of his England teammates such as Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney all followed suit too.

Beckham’s influence on the MLS continues long after his retirement from playing as his Miami backed franchise is set to be included in the competition from 2020 onwards.

Placing Bets on the MLS

It should not go unnoticed that the MLS is catching up with the NBA, NFL and NHL in terms of popularity among American bettors. Gambling on soccer really is growing in the USA and the MLS is a solid choice now that it’s more established.

You’ll only find the top betting sites for the MLS that come recommended by our experts on this page. Each sportsbook is fully licensed where making your information secure is their priority. Why not sign up to one now and get betting on your favorite MLS franchise today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the MLS?

    The MLS is the abbreviation for Major League Soccer, the USA and Canada’s top division in association football or soccer. There are a number of franchises split into the Eastern and Western Conferences. The top six at the end of the regular season go on to contest the MLS playoffs and the final is called the MLS Cup game.

  • Is MLS betting legal?

    It sure is. You’ll only find fully licensed betting sites available on our site, but please note gambling laws and the age at which you can place wagers vary from state to state in the USA.

  • What are the best sites for MLS betting?

    If you’re looking for the top websites to place a soccer bet on the MLS, then we only shortlist ones extensively reviewed by our experts here. All of them can be vouched for in terms of quality and safety for your peace of mind.

  • What are the most popular MLS bets?

    The most popular markets that MLS bets are taken on include outright match and competition betting, correct scores in games, various goalscorer markets, handicap betting and over/under for total goals. These last two types are reminiscent of the spread betting available on popular US sports like baseball, basketball and football.

  • What are betting lines in soccer?

    The moneyline in soccer shows which team are favorites for a particular match with a minus sign appearing before their price expressed in decimal odds and which team are underdogs, who have a plus sign next to their odds.

  • Can I bet on MLS on mobile?

    You can indeed. The MLS is just one of many soccer leagues around the world that you can bet on via your smartphone or tablet through a sports betting app or the mobile version of the sportsbook you have an account with.

  • What is an accumulator bet in MLS?

    An accumulator, or acca for short, is where you bet on several teams to win their respective matches in one bet. Odds are multiplied depending on the number of legs there are. If you were to place an acca on the MLS over a single round of matches, then there would be 11 legs in total.

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