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With real money winnings paid out on a daily basis rather than at the end of the season, and bragging rights just 90 minutes away, fantasy soccer online gambling is now seriously big business. It's important that you find a top online gambling site that allows soccer betting though. We found to be one such site that offers us everything we are looking for as fantasy sports bettors.

Here’s the lowdown on how fantasy soccer online gambling works and how it differs from its season-long equivalent. We’ll also give you some beginners’ tips as to how you can quickly assemble a squad of players capable of finding the back of the net on a regular basis.

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Best Fantasy Soccer Betting Sites

How Does Soccer Fantasy Betting Work?

Fantasy Soccer Sites

Just like in the season-long game, online gambling on fantasy soccer requires participants to choose a line-up of players that they believe will perform best on a given match day. Player selection is restricted by a salary cap and each 11-man roster must included players from at least three teams.

When picking their roster, participants must field a goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders and two forwards, but have the extra flexibility of two utility players, which can be assigned to any outfield position. As such, several different formations can be fielded according to the fixtures on each match day, with players receiving points for a number of specific actions during their games.

When gambling online fantasy soccer staples like goals, assists and clean sheets are all present among the scoring categories, but in daily fantasy soccer, online gambling fans also benefit from shots (on and off target), crosses, tackles won and passes intercepted, to name but a few. Points are lost for yellow and red cards, missed penalties and goals conceded (goalkeepers), but unlike regular fantasy soccer, not own goals.

Individual player and cumulative team scores are updated in-play, with participants able to keep track of how their roster is performing at their chosen fantasy sports betting site. Should they be at the game, meanwhile, a number of apps and mobile-friendly websites are available from all the top online gambling operators and can be accessed via iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets.

How Does Fantasy Soccer Betting Work?

Fantasy Soccer Roster stats

While many of the scoring categories will be familiar to those who have played conventional fantasy soccer in online gambling it is important to note that things like crosses, tackles and interceptions also contribute heavily towards your score in online gambling fantasy soccer daily betting. This changes the game in two main ways.

Firstly, set-piece specialists become even more valuable than usual, as these are the players who will take corners (earning cross points) and threaten the opposition’s goal from free kicks (shots on and off target). With this in mind, find out who is involved in the majority of dead ball situations for their team, as an unfancied set-piece taker will often easily outscore a premium forward over 90 minutes.

Secondly, defensive midfielders become viable daily fantasy assets due to the points that are awarded for tackles and interceptions. Widely shunned in the season-long game, these players are now a gold mine of daily fantasy points, so be sure to check stats indexes like Opta to see which players are consistently breaking up play and making tackles without committing too many fouls.

Real Money Fantasy Soccer Events

Fantasy Soccer Events

Most top online fantasy sports betting sites will allow you to enter a fantasy soccer team in a number of different contests, with 50/50 tournaments, heads-up matches, leagues and guaranteed prize pool competitions all widely supplied by a range of online gambling operators.

In terms of whether or not you can make money from fantasy soccer gambling online, the answer has to be a resounding “yes”. While the popularity of the MLS has soared in recent years and competitions like the English Premier League and Champions League have always been broadcast globally, the fact remains that a lot of the world’s population still aren’t that clued up when it comes to soccer.

If you have previous experience in playing a conventional fantasy soccer season, you’ll already be ahead of the curve when it comes to daily online gambling with fantasy soccer, and providing you get yourself up to speed with the differences in scoring your extra knowledge could prove very profitable indeed.

Choose Your Opponents Wisely

While the majority of fantasy sports betting games are infested with sharks, gambling online with fantasy soccer still remains relatively soft in comparison. With most of the major daily fantasy sports sites originating in America, where the NFL, MLB and NBA rule the roost, you’ll find a lot of fantasy soccer players out there who still pick their 11-man rosters by name rather than recent form.

As such, if you choose your opponents wisely there’s a ton of real money/a> to be made; just make sure you do it at one of our top recommended online fantasy sports betting sites so you can guarantee your winnings will be paid.