MLB Baseball Betting

Betting on Major League Baseball is, much like the sport itself, a great American pastime. There are countless online sportsbooks that offer regular baseball betting throughout the regular season and finals series, so understanding what sort of bets you are likely to find at bookies is imperative.

When betting on the MLB, you will find that the most popular wagers are the money line and the run line. For those not well versed in online baseball betting, the run line may sound like an entirely new system of betting. However, that is not the case at all, as the run line is extremely similar to the point spread you will find whenever making a bet on football or basketball. For more information on the run line and other baseball betting information, take a look at our baseball odds line page.

The money line is far and away the simplest form of bet you can make when following the MLB season. An example of a money line bet would be as follows:

  • New York Yankees: -133 | 1.75 | 3/4
  • Philadelphia Phillies: +250 | 3.50| 5/2

As you can see, the Yankees are slight favourites to win this matchup, sitting on odds of -133. If you chose to back New York, a wager of $133 would be required for a potential $100 profit. If successful, you would collect $233 including your initial wager.

If instead you backed the underdogs, a $100 bet on the Phillies to cause an upset would offer a payout of $250 if you were correct.

Noted above are all three forms of odds (American, decimal, and fractional), so depending on which online bookmaker you choose to bet at, you will find different variations of particular baseball odds. For more information on how the odds work, take a look at our odds calculator.

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