It’s almost Thanksgiving and the NFL season flew by fast. After 11 weeks, the Tampa Bay Bucs are still the favorites at +600 odds to win Super Bowl 56, but the Kansas City Chiefs (+750) won four games in a row and moved ahead of the slumping Buffalo Bills (+800) on the NFL futures board at DraftKings.

Super Bowl 56 Odds Kansas City Chiefs Buffalo Bills Tampa Bay Bucs Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs reads the pre-snap defense against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. (Image: Getty)

At the start of Week 8, the Kansas City Chiefs were 3-4 and saw their Super Bowl odds bottom out at +1400 before slowly climbing back to +750. The Chiefs and Bucs were consensus championship favorites during the offseason.

SUPER BOWL 56 ODDS (Thru Week 11)
Tampa Bay Bucs +600 +600 +550
Kansas City Chiefs +750 +700 +500
Buffalo Bills +800 +550 +1100
LA Rams +900 +850 +1200
Dallas Cowboys +900 +1400 +3500
Arizona Cardinals +900 +1100 +3500
Green Bay Packers +1000 +1200 +1400
Baltimore Ravens +1400 +1000 +1800
New England Patriots +1400 +10000 +3500
Tennessee Titans +1800 +2500 +3500
LA Chargers +2000 +2000 +2800
Cleveland Browns +4000 +2200 +1500
Cincinnati Bengals +4000 +10000 +10000
Indy Colts +4000 +10000 +5000
San Francisco 49ers +5000 +5000 +1400
Minnesota Vikings +5000 +8000 +5000
Philadelphia Eagles +6000 +20000 +5000
New Orleans Saints +8000 +3500 +2200

The New England Patriots turned around their season with a five-game winning streak after a 2-4 start. The Patriots saw their Super Bowl 56 odds go as low as +10000 before they won five in a row and seized first place in the AFC East. The Patriots are a great value pick at +1400 odds to win their first Super Bowl without Tom Brady at quarterback.

Top 3: Tampa Bay, KC, Buffalo

Since Week 3, the Tampa Bay Bucs and Buffalo Bills were the top two betting favorites to win the Super Bowl while fighting back and forth over who held the top spot on the betting board. However, after dropping two out of their previous three games, the Bills saw their Super Bowl odds dip +800, while the Chiefs moved ahead of them thanks to their timely winning streak.

The Bucs are the consensus outright favorite right now at +600 odds to win Super Bowl 56 according to DraftKings. The Chiefs are on the upswing at +750 odds to win their second Super Bowl in three years, while the Bills are trending downward at +800 odds. There’s still seven weeks remaining in the season, so the Bills have plenty of time to regain traction and end the season on a positive note. In the meantime, the Bills and Patriots are ensconced in a tight divisional race in the AFC East.

NFC Faves: Dallas, LA Rams, Arizona

The LA Rams (7-3) saw their Super Bowl odds peak at +650 after Week 8. Since then, they’ve stumbled yet oddsmakers still have them on the board at a respectable +900. The Rams are a much stronger team with Matthew Stafford at quarterback versus Jared Goff. The offense lost WR Robert Woods to a season-ending ACL injury, but the Rams are fortunate they signed Odell Beckham Jr a couple days before Woods went down.

In preseason, the Dallas Cowboys (7-3) were +3500 odds to win the Super Bowl because no one knew how Dak Prescott would look in his return from a gnarly ankle injury. Prescott bounced back and led the Cowboys to a 6-1 start, but they went 1-2 since.

The Arizona Cardinals started 7-0, but they went 2-2 since after Kyler Murray suffered an ankle injury. The Cardinals were also +3500 in the preseason, but you can back them at +900 odds to win the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 56 Moon Shoots

In case you wanted to see what bookies think about your favorite team, here’s the bottom 14 teams on the DraftKings futures board. The Seattle Seahawks saw the biggest tumble. They were only +1600 odds at the start of the season, but after a bad start and losing Russell Wilson to a finger injury for several weeks, the Seahawks fell out of playoff contention. At this juncture, the Seahawks are better off figuring out where they’re going to trade Wilson in the offseason.

Las Vegas Raiders +10000 +10000 +6500
Pittsburgh Steelers +10000 +10000 +3500
Denver Broncos +10000 +8000 +3000
Seattle Seahawks +15000 +8000 +1600
Washington Football Team +25000 +20000 +6500
Carolina Panthers +25000 +20000 +6500
Miami Dolphins +50000 +20000 +2800
Chicago Bears +50000 +20000 +8000
NY Giants +50000 +50000 +10000
Atlanta Falcons +100000 +25000 +10000
Jacksonville Jaguars +100000 +100000 +25000
NY Jets +100000 +100000 +15000
Detroit Lions +100000 +100000 +25000
Houston Texans +100000 +100000 +10000

The Detroit Lions secured a tie against the Pittsburgh Steelers to avoid a dreadful 0-17 record, but they’re still seeking their first win of the season.

Meanwhile the New York Jets are still the same old LOL Jets. They’re 2-8 and look just as bad as they were during the Adam Gase era.

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