The New York Knicks (2-9) are once again the worst team in the NBA, and team owner, James Dolan, isn’t happy about it. Instead of looking in the mirror, Dolan applied pressure to the Knicks front office and coaching staff. Head coach David Fizdale is the latest fall guy to shoulder the blame for the Knicks’ losing ways.

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Knicks head coach David Fizdale on the sidelines at Madison Square Garden. (Image: Getty)

Fizdale’s days at Madison Square Garden seem to be numbered, as he becomes the latest patsy to take the fall for the franchise’s ineptitude. Then again, Fizdale could find solace as the first one thrown off a sinking ship while the rest of the organization continues to deal with the downhill toxicity emanating from Dolan that has drowned the Knicks year after year.

The Knicks are only 11 games into the new season, and things are already sideways. Fizdale conjured up only two wins, including one against ex-Knicks big man Kristaps “Unicorn” Porzingis. The Knicks have a young team with almost 10 new players, and none of them are Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving, so everyone expected the newly assembled squad to develop chemistry.

Fizdale went 17-65 with the tanking Knicks last year, but that’s now being held against him by ownership and management. Overall, Fizdale has a 19-74 record coaching the lowly Knicks.

Impromptu Press Conferences and the Mad King

The Knicks were blown out by the lowly Cleveland Cavilers at MSG over the weekend, and Dolan summoned Steve Mills (Knicks president) and Scott Perry (general manager) to his office at halftime. The meeting lasted the entire third quarter, and you can only imagine what exactly transpired during the meeting.

Immediately after the game ended and the Knicks lost their bum fight against the Cavs, the brass held an impromptu press conference to discuss their disappointment in the team. Fans and media saw through the propaganda as the suits quickly passed the blame, and threw Fizdale under the bus.

“It’s always a media firestorm in New York,” said Fizdale. “For everyone else, it’s a big deal but for us, it’s a normal environment.”

Fizdale is one of numerous coaches who could lose their jobs before the season ends. So much for the three amigos in the Mills, Perry, and Fizdale brain trust. It’s now every man for himself as the Knicks hit rock bottom as the worst team in the NBA. Meanwhile, everyone is on edge waiting to see what the mad king will do next.

To Sell or Not to Sell?

Dolan said he would never sell the Knicks, but his new pet project is running over budget. Dolan’s MSG Sphere is supposed to revolutionize how fans view a concert experience. He’s targeted London and Las Vegas for a Sphere, and has his eyes on adding a Sphere to every major city.

Dolan’s true passion is music, especially live music, so it makes sense that he’s currently all-in on his passion project. However, word on the street is that the Sphere is bleeding money, which means Dolan is strapped for cash.

Selling the Knicks and Rangers would solve two major problems for Dolan. For one, a sale would generate an influx of cash, and would let him finally fold a losing hand that he’s been holding for more than two decades.

When Dolan purchased the Knicks and Rangers, they were two of the premier franchises in professional sports in the 1990s. The Rangers had finally won a Stanley Cup, and got opposing fans to stop chanting “1940! 1940! 1040!” in reference to the team’s last championship. The Knicks had great teams in the 1990s, but never won the title.

As soon as Dolan took over, the franchise went south. For one, they got rid of beloved Patrick Ewing, and didn’t let him have a proper send off as one of the greatest players to ever hold court at MSG.

There’s one prevailing theory floating around NYC that Dolan wants to sell the Knicks, but he’s not getting the hefty price he wants (in the $6 billion range) because the losing record is negatively affecting the sales price.

Knicks Worst Team in the NBA

In the 21st Century, the Knicks are cursed with the worst winning percentage out of any team in the NBA at 41.2 percent. At simple face value, the losing culture is a contributing factor to why so many top free agents snubbed the Knicks in favor of other teams.

Dolan’s reputation as a tyrannical and mercurial owner is the big elephant in the room. The sporting world has no shortage of vindictive billionaire owners, but the thin-skinned Dolan is in a league by himself.

Dolan had ex-Knicks great Charles Oakley removed from MSG in the middle of a game for his critical comments of the team and management. In the Knicks’ most recent home game, a lifelong fan was detained by six security guards for starting a “Fire Dolan!” chant during a blowout loss to the Cavs.

Dolan’s stubbornness has held Knicks fans hostage for the last two decades. The Knicks will never have a chance to return to their old glory days while Dolan owns the team. Despite all the coaching firings and GM changes, the same results happen every season. The Knicks fail to make the playoffs, and no one wants to join them in the offseason.

In short, the Knicks have been the biggest joke in the NBA since the turn of the century. This season is no different than any other, except this year, there’s no hope and zero no indication that any big-time free agents will consider signing with the Knicks next offseason, or at any time in the future.

When you lose all hope, you alienate a fan base that has grown tired of the barrage of “Knicks suck” memes.

When the Knicks lose a lifelong super-fan like actor Michael Rapaport, then you know the organization has gone way too far.

Dolan Ruins Christmas

Traditions are important in sports, especially holidays. The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys host annual games on Thanksgiving.

There was a time, not too long ago, when the New York Knicks hosted a Christmas game at Madison Square Garden. Then, the NBA took that annual Christmas game away from the Knicks. Why? Because the Knicks suck, and the NBA doesn’t want to ruin America’s holiday cheer with another subpar Knicks squad stinking it up during the opening game of the league’s Christmas marathon.

The Grinch stole Christmas according to Dr. Seuss, but Dolan ruined Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, Arbor Day, and every other holiday for Knicks fans.

In case you were wondering, the Knicks do not play on Christmas this year. Every Knicks fan hopes that they will finally have their ultimate Christmas wish fulfilled, and Dolan will sell the Knicks to Silver Lake Tech. Until then, the Knicks will continue to be the worst team in the NBA.

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