DraftKings posted odds for picks one through four in the upcoming 2022 NBA Draft, so you can place prop bets on which player will get selected with the #1 pick, or the #2 pick, the #3 pick, and the #4 pick.

2022 NBA Draft Pick Odds #1 #2 #3 #4 Picks Holmgren Banchero Ivey Murray Jabari Smith
Chet Holmgren (right) and Paolo Banchero (left) are projected as the #2 and #3 picks in the 2022 NBA Draft. (Image: Getty)

The Orlando Magic hit the lottery when they were awarded the #1 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, and it looks like they’ll select Jabari Smith from Auburn. He’s -450 odds to make history as the first pick. Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren is the favorite at -350 odds to become the #2 pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Duke’s Paolo Banchero is the favorite at -500 odds to become the #3 pick by the Houston Rockets.

2022 NBA Draft – Pick Odds
#1 Pick Odds #2 Pick Odds #3 Pick Odds #4 Pick Odds
Jabari Smith -450 N/A +2500 +6000
Chet Holmgren +425 -350 +700 +4000
Paolo Banchero +1500 +400 -500 +1500
Shaedon Sharpe +10000 +7500 +2000 +450
Jaden Ivey +10000 +3000 +750 -330
Keegan Murray +20000 +10000 +1500 +500
Bennedict Mathurin +20000 +20000 +10000 +8000
AJ Griffin +20000 +20000 +60000 +6000
Johnny Davis +30000 +30000 +20000 +8000

While the top-three picks look to be locked in, you never know if a team will work out a last-minute deal to move up in the draft. There are rumors the Sacramento Kings are open to trading away the #4 pick, but it looks like the Magic, Thunder, and Rockets will hold on to their early first-round picks.

#2 Pick Odds: Holmgren to OKC Thunder

When the Magic secured the #1 pick, the debate heated up on whether or not they should select Smith or Holmgren. In mid-May, there were arguments and rumors swirling about both players. In the last couple of weeks, it looks more like the Magic are going to ride or die with Smith.

The Thunder were in a unique spot where they didn’t really have to make a choice because the Magic would essentially dictate their selection; the Thunder would select whomever the Magic didn’t take with the Smith or Holmgren coin flip. Of course, the Thunder considered Banchero, but it looks like Holmgren is a better fit because they could use help on their front line.

The knock against Holmgren is that the 7-footer is too skinny, which is a fair assessment because he needs to add some weight. Some scouts pegged him as a Mini-Unicorn, him being a slightly shorter version of Kristaps Porzingis. The real Unicorn played great in his first couple of seasons with the Knicks before he blew out his knee.

Holmgren is +425 odds to become the top pick in the draft, but is the betting favorite at -350 odds to end up with the Thunder as the #2 pick. The Thunder also have an additional pick in the first round. They already had two great rookies last season with Josh Giddey and Tre Mann.

#3 Pick Odds: Banchero to Houston Rockets

Banchero drew comparisons to another Duke star, Jayson Tatum. The Rockets definitely need the help as they’ve looked lost ever since they traded away James Harden. After another awful season as the bottom feeder in the Western Conference, the Rockets hope that Banchero will be one of the key players to help them turn around the franchise. Banchero is -500 odds to become the #3 pick in the draft. Presuming the Thunder pick Holmgren with the second pick, Purdue’s Jaden Ivey is the other potential candidate to get picked fourth by the Rockets at +750 odds.

#4 Pick Odds: Ivey, Sharpe, or Murray to the Kings?

The #4 pick in the upcoming draft could come down to a coin flip between two standouts from the Big Ten. You have Ivey out of Purdue and Keegan Murray from Iowa. Ivey is the favorite at -330 odds to go to the Kings as the #4 pick while Murray is +500 odds. The Detroit Pistons like Murray and would be thrilled to take him with the fifth pick. Murray is actually the betting favorite at +100 odds to become the #5 pick in the NBA Draft.

Shaedon Sharpe is also in the mix, but the Kentucky prospect didn’t actually play any games with the Wildcats. He intended to play for them in the upcoming season, but declared for the 2022 NBA Draft instead. He’s eligible for the draft because he spent a fifth year in high school at a prep school in Las Vegas, which qualifies for a gap year requirement that’s supposed to prevent high schoolers from going directly to the NBA. Sharpe is +450 odds to get picked by the Kings at #4. He’s also +250 odds to get selected by the Pistons at #5.