Daily Fantasy Sports Freerolls

Daily Fantasy Sports Freerolls

We’re constantly told that in this world, nothing comes for free, but that’s certainly never been the case in the realm of daily fantasy sports betting.

Since the popular form of skill-based online gambling first took off in the States, freeroll contests have proved a staple part of the daily fantasy sports economy, both through bringing risk-averse players into the game and helping those just starting out to earn their stripes and move up stakes.

So what exactly is a freeroll and how can they help players improve their betting experience on some of the biggest daily fantasy sports betting sites? Read on to find out all you need to know...

What Is A Daily Fantasy Sports Freeroll?

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As the name would suggest, a freeroll is a free-to-enter daily fantasy sports contest where players can get to grips with a site’s software, learn the rules of various games and experiment with team selection. Usually hosted by the site themselves (though players can also set up free-to-enter league games) they tend to offer tournament tickets or “cash” prizes to the top portion of the field.

Though not always the case, the reason for the inverted commas around cash is that the money awarded to freeroll winners will often be paid in the form of site credit (DraftKings Dollars etc), which can only be used to enter real-money competitions and cannot be withdrawn. Nevertheless, this still allows players to start a usable bankroll without having to risk a cent on their chosen site.

In terms of what’s available out there, FanDuel tends to be more generous with their freeroll offerings and reward frequent depositors with entry into weekly $5,000 guaranteed contests. DraftKings, meanwhile, prefer a daily steps system whereby players can freeroll their way into micro-stakes contests, but both sites offer special freeroll events to mark major sporting occasions.

How Can I Use Freerolls To Improve My Game?

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Freerolls are a great way to learn the rules of any given contest and the nuances of team selection without having to pay for the privilege. They enable new players and those playing a fantasy sport for the first time to build a workable understanding of a game and tinker with their chosen strategy before trying it out for real and also give them the opportunity to earn bonus cash or contest credits.

Essentially, freeroll contests are a training simulator for any form of fantasy sports betting. Players can use them to experiment with strategies they might not want to risk in a real-money game and iron out any rookie mistakes they’re making before taking on more serious opposition. If they’re playing on a micro bankroll, they may also enable them to win tickets to events outside their means.

What Are The Limitations Of Freeroll Contests?

In the section above, we mentioned the idea of experimenting with riskier strategies in freerolls, and while this is useful from a learning point of view, it can also work against participants trying to play a solid, numbers-based game. With nothing at stake if they lose, freeroll entrants are not inclined to play it safe and instead tend to field punty teams that either score big or completely fail.

For example, let’s say you’re betting on fantasy soccer and you notice that Everton has a tie against a strong team that has failed to score in their last two games. In some real money competitions, you might select the Everton goalkeeper and spread your risk by looking elsewhere for a back line, but in a freeroll, players tend to stack their team and take the maximum allocation of Everton defenders.

Sure they’re putting all their eggs in one basket and when Everton concede they lose a raft of potential points, but when they keep a clean sheet they reap huge rewards. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, no one plays for a mid-table finish in a freeroll and this means contests are pretty volatile, so you will find yourself losing to the one guy who took a flyer on the bottom-ranked team.

Bonus Cash

Get Bonuses and Cash with Freerolls

All in all, freerolls are a great way to get to grips with a new site or fantasy sport and you really have nothing to lose by trying them out. They allow you to hone your craft and experiment with new strategies without putting any of your bankroll on the line, and while they do tend to attract thousands of entrants, many of whom make some hugely questionable team selections, with a bit of luck an some sound judgement, you might just be able to get your hands on some bonus cash.

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