The winless New York Jets (0-3) head to Colorado to play the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football, but win or lose, the Jets will most likely fire head coach Adam Gase. The downtrodden fans are fed up, ex-players are speechless, and the relentless NYC sports media machine has been begging the Jets to fire Gase for almost a full year.

Fire Adam Gase Jets NY
One disgruntled New York Jets fans displays his “Fire Adam Gase” t-shirt at a game in 2019. (Image: Getty)

In my old neighborhood in the Bronx, if you heard whispers that someone was about to get beat up, it was inevitable. The word on the street often rings true in Gotham. Within hours of the LOL Jets ugly loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Week 3, word quickly spread in the New York City, tri-state area that Gase is a dead man walking.

If the Jets weren’t playing on a short week to face the Denver Broncos, Gase would have already gotten the axe after three dysfunctional games in a row in 2020.

When the Jets lose to the Broncos on TNF, with a third-string quarterback as a starter, then the team should fire Adam Gase on the spot at Mile High Stadium and not even let him back on the team plane.

Gase is one of the favorites to become the first NFL head coach to lose this job this season.


You know you’re in trouble if there’s a popular hashtag on Twitter involving a public flogging. The #FireGase hashtag popped up on Twitter last year, and it’s been gaining steam ever since the NFL season began. With every Jets loss, the fan base grows more and more disillusioned, and wants the ownership to finally fire Gase.

Even non-Jets fans will tell you that the truth is in the stats. Take a look at three former players who were stifled by Gase. Ryan Tannehill, Kenyan Drake, and DaVante Parker all posted career seasons as soon as they were no longer hampered by Gase’s genius.

It sounds like a country music hit, but Tannehill got a second-chance at life in Nashville last year before he was labeled a washout. He led the Tennessee Titans to a berth in the AFC Championship. He also threw 22 touchdowns for the first time since before Gase arrived in Miami and ruined him.

Drake looks like a different player ever since he arrived in Arizona. The Cardinals have a true offensive genius at the helm with Kliff Kingsbury, who learned the Air Raid offensive philosophy from Mike Leach. Even though Kingsbury is a pass-happy coach, Drake crushed it with eight touchdowns in eight games. In the three seasons he played under Gase, Drake had nine total rushing touchdowns in 48 games.

Parker is the only one of the three still with the Miami Dolphins. As soon as Gase left Miami, Parker saw his numbers explode. He caught 72 passes for 1,202 yards and nine touchdowns. In three seasons under Gase, Parker caught just six touchdowns in 39 games.

Ex-Gang Green Players in Disbelief

Ex-Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie appeared on the Collin Cowherd show to discuss what’s wrong with the Jets.

Mark Sanchez joined the Pat McAfee Show to discuss the Jets dysfunction. When the guy best-known for the “butt-fumble” is calling the team out, you know it’s a bad situation.

“You’re putting a product out there on the field that is in no way ready to compete with the league,” said Sanchez. “Honestly, it is frustrating to watch, and I really feel for Sam. I’ve lived it. The last two seasons I had in New York, the rosters looked almost identical.”

Damien Woody, a former Al-Pro offensive lineman, won two Super Bowls with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots at the turn of the century. He played with the New York Jets for a few seasons a decade ago when they went to the AFC Championship under Rex Ryan. Woody shared his thoughts on Periscope last Sunday, and he went off on the team for giving up.

“Pitiful, pitiful game!” said Woody. “Three games, non competitive.”

Woody questioned the so-called genius of Gase as an offensive guru. He was also alarmed that Sam Darnold regressed, even though it’s his third season in the NFL. The worst thing about the last two seasons is that we never got to see what Darnold can do in the league. The Jets need to fire Gase ASAP before he inflicts further damage to Darnold’s psyche and ruins his career.

Who Will Coach the Jets?

Gregg Williams seems like the obvious and a likely candidate. He’s a veteran of a midseason regime change when it happened with the 2018 Cleveland Browns. The Browns finally fired Hue Jackson after a horrendous losing binge (3-36-1). Under Williams, the Browns went 5-3 and fans finally got to see what Baker Mayfield could do as a quarterback.

Williams will get a shot to prove he’s worthy of a head coaching job after another interim gig. Williams won a Super Bowl as the defensive coordinator under Sean Payton on the 2009 New Orleans Saints. In 2012, he took the brunt of the Bounty Gate scandal. The NFL launched an investigation into whether or not coaches paid off members of the Saints for injuring opposing players.

Williams seems like the logical choice to replace Gase, but the defense has been awful as well. The Jets should probably fire him too, but they need someone to correct the team during this sh-t storm of a season.

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