Are Jimmy G’s days in the Bay Area numbered? The San Francisco 49ers pulled off a crazy trade with the Miami Dolphins to secure the #3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, but it cost them their own #12 pick, two future first-round picks (2022 and 2023), and a third-rounder in 2022.

Jimmy G San Francisco 49ers Niners Trade NFL Draft Miami Dolphins picks
San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo led the Niners to a runner-up finish in Super Bowl 54. (Image: Robert Reiners/Getty)

The Miami Dolphins turned around and swapped the #12 pick and one of the first-rounders from the 49ers in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles for the #6 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The move indicates that the Dolphins’ front office has faith in Tua Tagovailoa next season. The team could still snag a quarterback, such as North Dakota State’s Trey Lance or Alabama’s Mac Jones, who should both be available by the time its turn for the Dolphins to pick at #6.

The New York Jets haven’t indicated if they’ll stick with Sam Darnold or draft a quarterback. If the Jets draft a quarterback with the second-overall pick, it’s will be a coin flip between Justin Fields (Ohio State) or Zach Wilson (BYU). The Niners, presumably, will select the quarterback who the Jets don’t pick.

The 2021 NFL Draft starts five weeks from now on Thursday, April 29, and runs through Saturday, May 1.

Jimmy or Not to Jimmy?

Will the Niners draft a quarterback, or add an impact player to help bolster their roster?

When Garoppolo is healthy, he’s a beast. Let’s not forget that Jimmy G led the Niners to a berth in Super Bowl 54. But, his health is the big question mark. He’s already blown out his knee and suffered a severely sprained ankle since joining San Francisco in a trade with the New England Patriots.

“Jimmy is here to stay. He’s our guy this year,” a source from the Niners told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Could the Niners entertain a trade for Jimmy G? A few teams still need a quarterback, but who would make a risky deal to grab a quarterback who missed 23 games in the last three seasons?

In February, BetMGM posted a prop bet on Jimmy G’s future team. The Niners were the favorite, but other teams listed included the New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, and Chicago Bears. Since then, the Pats added Cam Newton for another season. The Colts made a risky trade with the Philly Eagles for Carson Wentz. With the Vikings stuck with Kirk Cousins, they’re not a legit candidate. So, are the Broncos or the Bears still interested?

Marcus Mariota recently accepted a pay cut to remain in Las Vegas as a backup QB for Derek Carr. Teams like the Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, Washington Football Team, and Carolina Panthers showed a modicum of interest in Mariota, but none of them nibbled.

The Bears recently signed Andy Dalton, which will be fine if he’s a backup. But will the Bears really start the season with Dalton under center? With few options remaining, could the Bears make a move to acquire Jimmy G?

2021 NFL Draft Order

The New York Jets have a pair of first-round picks due to the Jamal Adams trade with the Seattle Seahawks last season, which would’ve been the #23 pick for the Seahawks.

Even after the trade with the 49ers, the Miami Dolphins still have two first-round picks with the #6 and the #18 in the upcoming NFL Draft.

2021 NFL Draft First-Round Order 
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. New York Jets
  3. San Francisco 49ers
  4. Atlanta Falcons
  5. Cincinnati Bengals
  6. Miami Dolphins
  7. Detroit Lions
  8. Carolina Panthers
  9. Denver Broncos
  10. Dallas Cowboys
  11. New York Giants
  12. Philadelphia Eagles
  13. Los Angeles Chargers
  14. Minnesota Vikings
  15. New England Patriots
  16. Arizona Cardinals
  17. Las Vegas Raiders
  18. Miami Dolphins
  19. Washington Football Team
  20. Chicago Bears
  21. Indianapolis Colts
  22. Tennessee Titans
  23. New York Jets
  24. Pittsburgh Steelers
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars
  26. Cleveland Browns
  27. Baltimore Ravens
  28. New Orleans Saints
  29. Green Bay Packers
  30. Buffalo Bills
  31. Kansas City Chiefs
  32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Super Bowl champs always pick last in the next draft, so in the first round, the Tampa Bay Bucs get the #32 pick. As the runner-up in Super Bowl 55, the Kanas City Chiefs select next-to-last in the first round with the #31 pick.