PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds revamped its second map, Miramar, with a recent update dubbed Miramar 2.0 by mobile users. After playing nonstop Miramar over the last week, we have plenty of insight and loot tips to share about the revised desert map on PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Miramar Map Loot Tips
Miramar, the second map on PUBG, draws inspiration from the desert areas of Mexico. (Image: Tencent)

Out of all of the various maps and terrains on PUBG, even casual players will tell you that Miramar is the hardest.

At 8km x 8km, Miramar’s sheer size intimidates players, which is why the map became the least-favorite among gamers. The public avoided the wide-open Miramar because it became a haven for snipers. In the latest Miramar 2.0 update, the devs added vegetation (palm trees and cactus) and scattered compounds in the middle of nowhere, which provides additional looting options and more places to seek cover during a sniper attack.

Los Leones
El Pozo
Campo Militar (military base)

The initial color scheme, with beige and yellowish tones, attempted to replicate a dreary and barren desert. However, the overhauled version makes all of the colors pop. The mountainous areas radiate with a technicolor vibe reminiscent of old John Ford western films. The addition of sandstorms and inclement weather create a psychedelic effect with the clouds and sky. Simply put, Miramar looks a lot trippier and thus, more visually appealing.

Fringe Loot: Valle de Mar, Puerto Paraiso, Torre Ahumada, Ruins

The jumbo-sized map makes jumping on the fringes or edges of Miramar a huge gamble. If you end up with an initial first circle on your side of the map, then you can casually loot and find the best spot to set up an ambush. If you gamble on a fringe spot and get stuck on the opposite side of the safe zone, then you must hustle and hope you can find a vehicle.

Due to the vastness of Miramar, you must keep careful track of time before the blue circle closes in and the next safe zone is selected. It’s easy to get distracted during the fever pitch of a firefight, so regularly check your circle time.

Valle de Mar
Puerto Paraiso
The Ruins
Torre Ahumada

Nestled along the southwest side of the map, Valle de Mar, a seaside town stretched out along the southwest edge, has multiple roads leading out of town for a quick exit in all directions. One of two bridges in Miramar connects Valle de Mar to the big island (where the prison is located). The bridge is a perfect spot to ambush anyone that jumped to Los Higos or the Prison.

Puerto Parariso on the southeast corner is located along the largest seaside area on Miramar. If you’re on a southern flight path, Paraiso can be a low-risk spot to loot that’s an alternative to Los Leones (the largest city on the map).

One of the major areas of revitalization in the newest update includes the Ruins, located on the northwest corner of the map. It’s definitely one of the coolest, out-of-the-way places to explore if you haven’t played Miramar in a while. The adjacent town of Alcantara also got a facelift.

The flight path doesn’t frequent the northeast very often, but when it happens, the masses love to jump at the bountiful military base (Camp Militar). Torre Ahumada doesn’t get as much love as the popular Camp Militar, but it’s a worthy alternative.

Overlooked: Impala, Monte Nuevo, Tierra Bronco

Don’t overlook the minor cities. You’d be surprised how much loot you will find in second-tier locations.

Impala has become a favorite spot to drop and loot since PUBG Mobile upgraded the Miramar map. The southeastern/mid-east town had been nicknamed “Tame Impala” after the band because of its seclusion. It’s not quite seaside, but it’s almost hidden behind a small mountain. It’s not far from Los Leones. Vehicles spawn on the edge of town and there’s a single road running north/south.

Monte Nuevo
Tierra Bronco

Get to know Monte Nuevo. It’s a hip spot on the west side. Most folks skip the cozy Nuevo and jump at Pecado or El Pozo instead. It has four routes in/out of town, including a straight shot south to Valle de Mar and the Prison.

The northeast cluster includes four sizable areas: Tierra Bronco, Camp Militar, Torre Ahumada, and Cruz del Valle. Tierra Bronco is a perfect secondary option to loot if the flight path is headed right over the military base. If you’re looking for a fight, head to the bull-fighting ring.

Overrated: Oasis, Hacienda, Prison

The Oasis, one of the newest additions to Miramar upgrade, looks super cool at the northern-most point. An end-game final circle in the area would be fun and challenging. However, the Oasis isn’t the best area on the Miramar map to loot. It’s a high-risk/low-reward spot. Everyone wants to check out the new Oasis, but you end up fighting numerous opponents scouring for below-average loot.

If you really want to improve on your jump/land/fight techniques, then hot drop on the Hacienda. The “drug lord’s house” and its hefty loot has been popular since its inception. The addition of the Golden Mirado car in the Hacidena’s garage makes it one of the craziest and most difficult spots to land in the history of PUBG. At this point, passing on the Golden Mirado is the wise move. Let the Mirado fever die down and avoid Hacienda.

The Prison has ample loot. It’s a cool spot for a squad of four to drop. Most players avoid the Prison and that southwestern island in general. The location makes it one of the farthest spots on the map in the southwest corner. Plus, you have to traverse over a bridge and battle bridge campers and snipers set up alongside Valle de Mar.

PUBG Mobile Loot Best Miramar Map Tips
The loot heat map for PUBG Mobile’s Miramar. (Image: Reddit)

Favorite Drops: Pecado, San Martin, El Azahar

We have five favorite spots that can be accessed during almost any random flight path. Los Leones is the biggest city in all of PUBG. In “New York, New York,” Frank Sinatra sang, “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere,” which is a fitting lyric to describe Los Leones. To truly master Miramar, you’ll have to learn every block in Los Leones, learn how to dodge snipers, and fight in an urban setting.

Who doesn’t love jumping through the roof of the casino in Pecado? Between the apartment buildings, boxing arena, and casino, there are lots of spots to find action. Pecado has been dubbed the Pochinki of Miramar as the popular city in the middle of the map. Pecado also multiple roads leading in and out of town. There are multiple vehicle spawns on the edge of town. Nearby bluffs allow snipers to set up shop high above Pecado, so be careful.

San Martin
El Azahar
Los Leones

The Hacienda is the hottest spot in Miramar right now with the only Golden Mirado spawning exclusively in its garage. The pro move is to drop at nearby San Martin to gear up and wait for any Hacienda stragglers to wander into the east side of town. San Martin has a good mix of multi-story buildings along with single-story dwellings.

El Azahar, a smaller version of El Pozo, is located near the center of the east side of Miramar. You can’t miss the gigantic water/gas tank in the middle of town. It’s a perfect spot to land.

Miramar Tips: Size Matters

The 8×8 map size of Miramar intimidates players at first glance. But the same vastness can be used to your advantage, especially as a beginner. You have ample space to loot out of harm’s way. It’s a great way to build confidence and familiarity. Parachuting on the outskirts of the major cities and towns provides ample space and distance from opponents. Utilize the additional time at the start of the game to gear up before you engage an opponent in your first firefight.

Aggressive players will hot drop into popular areas for the sole purpose of getting involved in an early firefight. The best way to win those early fights is to get better at them. The only way to that — practice.

To become a great PUBG player, you must win close-quartered battles, simultaneous firefights, or engagements against multiple opponents. Hot dropping at a popular target to start the game is an excellent way to gain experience. There’s a higher risk of becoming one of the first players eliminated and you’ll bust quickly numerous times, but it’s a small price to pay to gain experience.

Vehicles and Late Rotations

Miramar’s size makes it necessary to secure a vehicle. That first rotation out of your initial drop zone can be a doozy. That’s why you must be prepared to expedite your initial looting and haul butt to reach the first safe zone on the other side of Miramar.

If you’re inside the safe zone in the later stages, you have a perfect opportunity to set up ambushes. You can easily pick off anyone in a vehicle if they’re one of the last to rotate into the safe zone.

The dune buggy is ideal for the desert terrain and sandy environment. You can navigate steep hills and mountains with the buggy, but it’s extremely loud and will tip-off opponents. Any passengers riding along in the back are ripe targets for snipers.

The hippie VW bus fits six players. It is great for a squad, but loud and slow. Avoid driving it off-road. You’re better off running. If you use the VW bus, then stick to the main roads.

You’ll find the Golden Mirado at the Hacienda. It’s fast, but good luck trying to snatch it. Your best option is to wait for a somewhat farther flight path (1,200 to 1,500 meters away) to make a move for the Mirado. At that distance, you’ll face a smaller field of potential opponents seeking the sleek new vehicle.

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