It is one of the most popular proposition wagers the sportsbooks offer, and the “Who Will Have More? bets seem to get more voluminous and creative every year. This year the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has 78 of the specialty bets, covering everything from major sports teams to an individual athlete’s performance.

R.J. Barrett
Duke forward R.J. Barrett is one of the leading scorers for Duke, but will he have more points than Los Angeles Rams first downs? (Image: Getty)

The wagers feature a sport or athlete up against something happening in the Super Bowl. For example one of the lines is “Who Will Have More?” the total points for Philadelphia center Joel Embid against the Sacramento Kings on the day before the big game, or the total of points in the first half of the Super Bowl. Whichever total is more is the winner.

The offerings can be complex, but we at OG have picked out some of our favorites and present them below for betting consideration.

Who Will Have More: Stephen Curry Missed Free Throws +120 or Rob Gronkowski touchdowns -110?

Stephen Curry doesn’t miss many free throws. He has a 93 percent accuracy from the charity stripe this year, missing only 13 all year. In the last game where he went to the line he was a perfect 4-4.

In last year’s Super Bowl, Rob Gronkowski had one touchdown reception. Bettors have to hope the tight end doesn’t see the ball in the endzone, and that Curry makes at least one rare miss.

There is a reason Curry is +120 and Gronk is -110. Curry doesn’t miss from the line.

Take Gronkowski to have more touchdowns.

Who Will Have More: Duke’s R.J. Barrett Points -110 or Rams First Downs -110?

R.J. Barrett has been the silent scorer for Duke this season. The freshman is averaging 23.6 points this year. The Blue Devils face St. John’s, who is third in the Big East Conference.

Though Barrett has been averaging more than 20 a night, in his last game against Notre Dame the forward was limited to 17 points.

The Rams pile up first downs and did not have a regular season with less than 20. In the two playoff games, they had 30 against Dallas and 19 against New Orleans.

Still they should be able to cover this line.

Take the Rams to have more first downs.

Who Will Have More: Brooks Koepka Fourth Round Birdies -110 or Brandin Cooks Receptions -110?

Brooks Koepka is one of the best golfer on the PGA Tour, and is averaging 4.58 birdies per round this year. He is playing in the Saudi Invitational and in the first round he had three birdies.

Brandin Cooks averaged 4.7 receptions per game, but in the playoffs he had 11 in two games.

Sunday is usually a tougher day to get birdies, and Koepka might not hit his average.

Take Cooks to get more receptions.

Who Will Have More: Manchester United Goals -180 or Patriot-Rams First Quarter Field Goals +150?

Manchester United has had a resurgence since getting rid of their manager Jose Maurinho in December. They are facing Leicester City and are the favorites. When the two teams last played each other in October, Manchester United won 2-1.

With that logic the Patriots and Rams would have to have at least two field goals in 15 minutes just to tie. With both teams in the top 5 in offense, getting the ball in the endzone shouldn’t be a problem, meaning field goals might be at a premium.

Take Manchester United to score more goals.

Who Will Have More: Edmonton’s Connor McDavid Points -120 or Tom Brady Rushing Attempts Even?

In 49 games Connor McDavid has 73 points, so he is almost averaging two a game. He is prone to putting up multi-point games and is playing Anaheim, a team that has struggled this year.

Tom Brady never runs with the football. He is not the most mobile quarterback, and prefers to throw the ball away, rather than tuck it and scamper. Against the Chargers he had two rushes, and one in the Chiefs game.

We like McDavid to have more than a point.

Take Connor McDavid to have more points.