It didn’t take long for a couple of sportsbooks to put out some Super Bowl prop bets, much to the delight of gamblers. Caesars released several on Monday, as did internet betting site, Bovada.

Caesars sportsbook
Caesars was one of a few sportsbooks that released some Super Bowl 53 prop bets on Monday. (Image: Pinterest)

Jeff Davis, the director of trading for Caesars Entertainment, posted on Twitter that the sportsbook had released some of the side wagers for Super Bowl 53, set for Sunday, Feb. 3 at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

“First wave of props up at Caesars Palace… many more coming on Wednesday … individual player stat props Friday,” Davis tweeted.


Even though this is the first installment of prop bets, Caesars offered around 60 for those eager to start laying cash down at the window. The first bet is the most popular, which relates to the coin toss. Both heads and tails are checking in at -102, as is which team will win the toss. The team that wins the toss and wins the game is at -110 for both yes and no.

Offensive-related bets are another prevalent area focused on by gamblers. One that has good odds is whether a field goal or safety will be the first points of the game. If that occurs, the odds at +170. Another potentially big payout is whether a field goal will be converted in the second or four quarter. No field goal in the second quarter is at +250 and +175 in the fourth quarter.

There are defensive wagers as well. The Rams are the favorite to record the first sack of the game at -115, while the Patriots are at -105. The Patriots are the favorite to record the game’s first interception at -115, while the Rams are at -105.

Esoteric Bets at Internet Sites

While the Nevada sportsbooks are prohibited by the Nevada Gaming Control Board of certain types of prop bets, internet site Bovada is under no such regulation, and their offerings include a score of unusual wagers. The first is the length of the National Anthem, which is being performed by Gladys Knight. The over/under is set at one minute, 45 seconds, with the over at -160, and the under at +120. Think that Knight will have a little stage fright and forget a word? That pays +300.

There are several bets revolving around President Donald Trump. Attending the game is +400, and posting six or more tweets is at -120. Also betting on the winning team showing up at the White House is -165 for yes, and +125 for no.

Fans can even bet on what commercials will air first. Doritos is a -155 favorite to air before a Pringles ad, which is at +115.

Bible of Prop Bets Coming Soon

The telephone-size book sized prop bets by the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook is expected at some point this week. Last year’s edition was 30 pages with hundreds of wagers, and included everything from alternate point spreads to “What will happen firsts,” to how many touchdowns, field goals, and interceptions there will be.

One of the more popular sections was the cross betting with other sports. Bets like “Who will have more?” feature points from NBA stars pitted against points in the game, or the total number of hockey goals versus the number of touchdown passes.

The sportsbook did release its odds for Super Bowl MVP and New England quarterback Tom Brady is the overwhelming choice at even money. Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff is next at 2/1.

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