Secret caves, snowmobiles, and midnight matches. Welcome to Vikendi. In December 2018, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile introduced their fourth map, Vikendi, with a winter and snow theme. The second-smallest map, at 6 km by 6 km, features snowy terrain, multiple mountains, and hidden caves. After a thorough exploration of the snow map on PUBG Mobile, we compiled a list of the best loot spots and other survival tips in Vikendi.

PUBG Vikendi Mobile Loot Best Map Tips Snow
The Cosmodome on the Vikendi map for PUBG Mobile. (Image: Tencent Gaming)

According to Tencent Gaming’s developers, the fourth PUBG map takes place on an abandoned winter resort island in the Adriatic Sea. A 6×6, it’s larger than Sanhok (4×4) but it’s smaller than both Erangel (8×8) and Miramar (8×8).

Vikendi features Mount Kreznic in the center of the map. Vikendi has two major cities with Dobro Mesto and Volnova, plus a couple of smaller cities/large towns (Goroka, Podvosto, Movatra).

Popular attractions in Vikendi include a dinosaur theme park (Dino Park), mountain villas, hot spas, a winery, ancient abbey, historic castle, and a cosmonaut training facility (aka Cosmodome).

Dobro Mesto
The Castle

Although Vikendi is another island map, it’s actually comprised of two islands (the larger roughly two-thirds of the map). A river splits the two islands, but the majority of the river is frozen over. You can walk or take vehicles over the ice, which does not break.

Vikendi has three specific weather modes including day (normal), snow, and moonlight (night).

In a recent update on PUBG Mobile, Vikendi introduced a special format for PlayLab mode called “Arctic Mode”, in which players have to create fires and cook chickens to stay warm.

Fringe Loot: Winery, Milnar, Vihar

If you’re a beginner or like to gear up without any early entanglements, then you’ll probably prefer to loot on the fringes, or edges of the map.

The Winery, located at the southern central part of Vikendi, offers up a strategic spot to drop. It’s surrounded by three main roads that inevitably lead you to any portion the map (west, east, central). It’s also located just southwest of Volnova, one of the larger cities in Vikendi.

The Winery

For another low-profile spot, Vihar is a small town on the west coast of Vikendi. It’s a quick jog away from Movatra and not far from Dino Park.

Milnar, located on the southwestern corner, is a seaside attraction with a couple of cafes and cottages. It’s not a popular landing location, which means you’ll be able to gear up in solitude. Just north of Milnar, you’ll find a couple of warehouses and a garage (that often has a vehicle). If you continue north, you’ll link up with Dino Park. If you head east, you’ll rotate toward the Winery.

Overlooked Loot: Movatra, Krichas, Podvosto

Krichas, located in the Northwestern corner of Vikendi, is another perfect low-risk town on the map that’s somewhat close to a major city (Dobro Mesto). It’s nestled behind a hilly area to the north, but seems like equal distance to either Goroka or Dobro Mesto.

Movatra, a popular secondary rotation spot, can also be a prime jump spot. If there’s a flight path on the west coast, or on the southern horizontal path, players will almost always jump at the Dino Park, so Movatra offers up a close alternative.


Podvosto, a large village in the center of Vikendi, straddles both islands. There’s a bridge linking the two islands, but the river below is frozen over so you can cross without swimming. Podvosto looks small, but there’s ample loot for a full squad with a couple of large hotels on the south side of town. Plus, there’s the “suburbs” on the opposite of the bridge.

Overrated Loot: Cosmodome, Castle, Villa, Mount Kreznic

The popular Cosmodome makes it a high-risk, high-volume drop spot. So hit the ground ready to fight. The Cosmodome looks cool, but it lacks the high-end military loot like other maps, such as Erangel’s Military Island, Miramar’s Military Base, or Sanhok’s Bootcamp. There’s not much going on in the northeastern tip of Vikendi, so Cosmodome is the only major loot spot in that portion of the map. Get ready to hustle to rotate out of Cosmodome if the first/second playzone appears on the opposite side of Vikendi.

The Villa looks cool, but it’s too centrally located and a popular crossroads. Even if you gear up quickly, you’ll be hard pressed to constantly fight to retain your position from other teams rotating toward the Villa in middle game scenarios.

Mount Kreznic

The Castle, another cool-looking spot, has decent loot, but you’re isolated. The Castle is located in the river between two islands, but it’s the only portion of the river where the water has not frozen over. It’s a chore to bail from the Castle if you’re pinned down and do not have a vehicle.

Mount Kreznic is the highest point in Vikendi. If you can find proper sniper weapons and a 6x or 8x scope, then you’re in the perfect spot to set up a sniper’s nest and pick off enemies. However, if you have to rotate off Mount Kreznic, it could make you an easy target while descending the mountain.

Favorite Drops: Dobro Mesto, Volnova, Podvosto

The key to winning Vikendi snow map is having a vehicle. The map plays smaller, but it’s still 6×6. The first two rotations can be difficult with playzones often selected on the opposite side of the map.

The biggest cities, Dobro Mesto and Volnova, have multiple vehicle spawn locations. You can almost always find a vehicle parked in a garage or locate random spawn spots on the streets.

In Volnova, you’ll find a garage on the west side on the road leading out of town toward the Abbey. And by chance an opponent already snagged one, keep moving west on the road toward the Abbey. You will find another garage near the warehouses.

Dobro Mesto

For some reason, players would rather jump at the Villa or Castle when pressed with a central jump location. Podvosto has just as much loot, but with easy access to all four directions.

If you’re playing squads, you can quickly lock down Podvosto and “bridge camp” to pick off anyone rotating east to west from the Cement Factory. You can also position yourself on a bluff on the western edge of town and pick off any stragglers rotating down Mount Kreznic or the Villa.

Vikendi Tips, Secret Cave

The snow bike might be the best vehicle in Vikendi. It’s fast and easy to use. It also climbs hills quickly and traverses both roads and snow. It’s perfect for a quick getaway through the woods, whereas bigger vehicles have a difficult time avoiding crashing into trees.

The snowmobile can be used in a quick pinch, but it’s the loudest vehicle in Vikendi. If you use one, try to disembark a considerable distance from where you’d like to end up and finish your journey on foot to avoid detection.

The Secret Cave can be found between Podvosto and Peshkova. Just to the northeast of Podvosto (look to the northeast of the “O” in Podvosto on the map), across the frozen river, you will find a small mountain. There’s a faux entrance, that looks like rock, but it can be breached with the force of a vehicle if you crash into it. You will find ample loot inside the cave. Beware! There’s another hidden access point, so assume someone else might also be looting your cave.

Keep an eye on footprints in the snow. If you see any, then you just missed an opponent so stay frosty! At the same time, your own prints can be tracked as well.

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