Two of the worst teams in the NFL took the field for the ‘Toilet Bowl’ on Sunday in a battle of bragging rights between both New York City football teams who posted a combined record of 3-14 coming into the game. Led by safety Jamal Adams, the New York Jets shed their LOLJets moniker for a week after they defeated the New York Giants, 34-27.

LOLJets Jets Giants Jamal Adams celebrates touchdown
NY Jets safety Jamal Adams celebrates a touchdown against the NY Giants at MetLife Stadium in E. Rutherford, NJ. (Image: Noah K. Murray/USA Today Sports)

The Giants fell to 2-8, and lost their sixth game in a row. The Jets improved to 2-8, and bounced back after a humiliating loss to the winless Miami Dolphins in Week 9.

“Today was not a perfect game,” said Jets RB Le’Veon Bell said. “But it was good enough for us to win.”

The Giants share their home stadium with the Jets, which is in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Jets were the home team in this rare matchup.

The Toilet Bowl had the same sort of ominous vibe that surrounded the Rolling Stones arriving at Altamont in 1969. You knew something ugly was about to go down, and hoped you’d come out alive.

Giants head coach Pat Shurmur wasn’t in the hot seat like his counterpart Adam Gase, but fans were calling for his head after the loss to the Jets. Meanwhile, Gang Green fans were so livid about the Jets’ loss to the Miami Dolphins last week that #FireGaseNow hashtags popped up on social media.

Fans even arranged for a plane to fly over the stadium and parking lots with a succinct message: “Fire Adam Gase Now!”

Saquon Beatdown

Giants rookie quarterback, Daniel Jones, won the QB battle on paper with 308 yards, four touchdowns, and zero interceptions. However, Jones didn’t get the win. His O-line allowed six sacks, including a devastating strip-sack from Jamal Adams that led to a touchdown.

Jones threw four touchdown passes, including two each to Golden Tate and Darius Slayton. That wasn’t enough to overcome the Jets.

The Giants were in the hole early against the Jets. Saquon Barkley saw limited action as the G-men tried to catch up with the passing game. Besides, the Jets run defense came to play. The Jets stuffed Barkley, and held him to just one yard on 13 carries.

Even though he didn’t get many touches, the Jets defenders made Barkley pay every time he carried the ball. After the game, local reporters saw Barkley exit the X-Ray room at MetLife Stadium. When asked about his potential ailments, Barkley mumbled, “No comment.”

Barkley contributed in the passing game with five catches for 30 yards. Darius Slayton had a standout performance with 10 receptions for 121 yards and two touchdowns. Golden Tate caught four passes, and two were scores.

Jets O Wakes Up, Jamal Adams MVP

The Jets came into this game with a terrible offense thanks to a disheveled head coach, beat-up quarterback, and inept offensive line. The Jets ranked last in the NFL in total offense, and were tied for last in total points.

Despite their low grades, the Jets scored 34 points against the Giants. The defense chipped in a touchdown from safety Jamal Adams.

The Giants couldn’t stop Adams, who will give Jones nightmares the rest of his life after running roughshod over the Giants rube quarterback. Adams filled up all the lines on the stat sheet with nine tackles, two sacks, and two huge plays that forced fumbles.

Adams strip-sacked Jones on a play that happened so fast that you had to slow down the tape to see Adams snatch the ball out of Jones’ hand, and run it back 25 yards for a touchdown.

Jets quarterback Sam Darnold looked like a new man. The ghosts were gone, and a confident Darnold spearheaded touchdowns on the Jets first two opening drives of the game. Darnold rushed for a touchdown, and threw a dart to Jamison Crowder.

“We had so much better execution,” said Gase. “We were playing cleaner.”

The Jets were quickly ahead 14-0, but Jets fans still expected the worst. The Jets blew their two-touchdown lead by the third quarter. The Giants took a 27-21 lead after a second touchdown from Tate. The Jets scored the next 13 points on a Bell touchdown and two field goals from Sam Ficken to secure the victory in the Toilet Bowl.

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