The Tennessee Titans and Derrick Henry are the top team in the AFC South and are once again the consensus favorite to win back-to-back division titles at -115 odds, with the Indianapolis Colts their only competition at +150 odds.

Tennessee Titans Derrick Henry AFC South Odds Indianapolis Colts
Derrick Henry from the Tennessee Titans scampers for a touchdown against the Houston Texans. (Image: Getty)

The Jacksonville Jaguars went 1-15 last season and locked up the #1 pick in the draft with Trevor Lawrence. But even the addition of the best rookie quarterback prospect in a decade still isn’t enough to overcome the rest of the Jaguars’ deficiencies.

2021 AFC South Odds
  • Tennessee Titans -115
  • Indianapolis Colts +150
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +650
  • Houston Texans +3000

The Titans are +3000 odds to win Super Bowl 56, with the Colts not far behind them at +3500 odds. The Titans are also +1500 odds to win the AFC Championship.

Head coach Mike Vrabel led the Titans to the AFC title game two seasons ago, but there’s a lot of competition this year to find out who will end up playing the Kansas City Chiefs for the right to secure a spot in Super Bowl 56.

Titans -115

The Tennessee Titans have had one of the best running backs in the league for the past two seasons with Derrick Henry, but will King Henry have enough gas in the tank to lead the NFL in rushing for the third-straight year over a 17-game season?

Henry led the NFL in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns last season, which made fantasy football owners ecstatic. He also became only the eighth player in NFL history to pass the 2,000-yard mark, which seems super rare in an era of pass-first football.

The offense is led by Ryan Tannenhill, who has a couple of top-notch wideouts with AJ Brown and the newly-added Julio Jones. Sure, Jones might be on the back nine of his career, but he’ll be a great mentor for their younger receivers.

The Titans won their first division title under Vrabel last season, and they’re the team to beat in the AFC South at -115 odds.

Colts +150

The Colts went 11-5 last season during a swan song final season with Philip Rivers at quarterback. Rivers retired and the Colts brought in Carson Wentz in a trade to help lead them to the promised land.

Wentz is the big question mark in the AFC South. The former Philly QB heads into the season with a fractured foot that required surgery. He insists he’ll be ready for Week 1, but the Colts’ future rests on his shoulders — and his health. If he can avoid the IL and play a full season, the Colts could pose a threat to the Titans and the AFC South crown. If not, the Titans will run away with back-to-back division titles.

If Wentz is a bust, the Titans have a strong trio of running backs to rely on, including Jonathan Taylor, Nyheim Hines, and Marlon Mack. The Colts are +150 odds to win the AFC South and lock up their first division title since 2014.

Jaguars +650

The Jaguars finally decided to name Lawrence as their starting quarterback with Gardner Minshew as their backup QB. Lawrence might have the skills to succeed at the pro level, but he and the Jags lack the necessary weapons to be a legit threat to win the division. The Jags took an injury bad beat this week when rookie running back Travis Etienne injured his foot. Etienne is out for the season with Lisfranc injury, so it’s expected to be another long season in Jacksonville.

Texans +3000

As a life-long Jets fan, I didn’t think there could be an organization that’s more tone-deaf and inept than the LOL Jets. However, the Houston Texans quickly became the worst franchise in the league. They have a disgruntled quarterback in Deshaun Watson who doesn’t want to play for the team, while at the same time, he’s under investigation for his penchant for massages that conclude with a “happy ending.”

The Texans missed their chance to trade Watson and let some other team deal with his legal troubles. Then again, the Texans have too many internal issues to count, and their AFC South odds at +3000 reflect their ineptitude.

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