UEFA says the gesture comes as a “reward to the lifeblood of the game for their loyal support during the pandemic”.

Champions League
The 2022 Champions League final will be played in Sankt Petersburg. (Image: tass.com)

The announcement was made by UEFA President Aleksander ÄŒeferin this week. The fans of the participating teams at this year’s club competition finals will be offered a total of 30k tickets to reward them for their support during the COVID crisis. 10k tickets will be split equally between the Champions League finalists, with 8k going to the Europa League finalists, 6k to the Conference League finalists and another 6k to the Women’s Champions League finalists.

Each of the clubs will be able to use these tickets for their most loyal supporters, who will be selected based on criteria chosen by each team. The tickets can’t be given to sponsors, partners or club officials, UEFA announced.

UEFA has also decided to freeze the price of category 4 (€70) and category 3 (€180) tickets for the next three men’s UEFA Champions League finals, in 2022, 2023 and 2024, keeping in line with the prices in place since 2020.

“Football fans are the lifeblood of the game and we thought it would be a nice way to recognize the difficulties they have experienced over the last two years and how they nevertheless still managed to support their teams and live their passion even when away from the stadiums,” ÄŒeferin explained.

“Fans are playing an integral part in the development of football, and we must ensure that loyal traveling supporters can attend historical moments for their cherished teams at affordable prices,” the official said.

The Champions League final will be hosted this year by Sankt Petersburg, while the Europa League last act will take place in Sevilla. Tirana will be the host of the first Conference League final, with the Women’s Champions League outcome to be decided in Turin. Tickets are expected to become available for general sale in March.

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