The New Orleans Saints hope that a 40-year old Drew Brees can lead Who Dat to the Promised Land and the Super Bowl one last time before Brees fades off into the sunset.

Sean Payton Drew Brees New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton and QB Drew Brees discuss a play on the sidelines of the Superdome in New Orleans. (Image: Porter Lambert/Getty)

The Los Angeles Rams are on a mission to return to the Super Bowl after losing to Tom Brady and company in Super Bowl LIII. Sean McVay’s squad are the team to beat in the NFC this year, but they’ll be looking over their shoulder to see what kind of voodoo magic Brees and the Saints can conjure up this season.

New Orleans Saints 8/1
LA Rams 10/1
Philadelphia Eagles 12/1
Chicago Bears 18/1
Green Bay Packers 20/1

You cannot count out the Philadelphia Eagles if Carson Wentz actually stays healthy for a full season and the playoffs.

Green Bay is always a popular pick to win the Super Bowl, especially this season with high expectations after the Packers found a new head coach for Aaron Rodgers.

NFC EAST: Philly Special

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl two years ago, but their title hopes will ride or die with the health of Carson Wentz. They don’t have Nick Foles to magically rescue them in the playoffs when Wentz goes down with a freak injury.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett must have amazing blackmail material against Jerry Jones, otherwise he would have been fired several seasons ago. Zeke Elliot finally signed a huge deal so they have no excuses, right?

The New York Giants ditched unhappy Odell Beckham, but they still have Eli Manning who is one year older. When will they put their poor QB out of his misery and make him sleep with the fishes? Leave Eli, take the cannolis.

Is there a worst franchise with a more-hated owner in the NFL than the Washington Redskins? This is the perfect example of a toxic team that starts all the way at the top with its owner. Bookies are being generous by listing the Skins as 200/1 odds to win the Super Bowl.

NFC NORTH: Anyone Beat Da Bears?

Da Bears still boast one of the top defenses in the league. Kahlil Mack will lead the Chicago Bears back to the playoffs, but it’s up to Mitch Trubisky to actually help them win playoff games.

Cheeseheads are praying that Matt LaFleur, the new Green Bay Packers head coach, can get along with Aaron Rodgers. A happy Rodgers means lots of touchdowns. High scores equals big wins. Lots of wins means playoff football at Lambeau Field. But the Packers have too many internal issues, which will prevent them from actually playing a playoff game on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field this winter.

The Minnesota Vikings are one of those teams that are on the cusp of doom or greatness. The Vikes season hinges upon Kirk Cousins. If Good Kirk shows up this season, the Vikes are returning to the playoffs. If Bad Kirk stinks up the joint, the Vikes are headed for an 8-8 season.

The Detroit Lions are hungry and need your help. Send money to the Red Cross and other local charities. Heck, we should just start up a Go Fund Me page for Lions fans so they can get mental health support all season.

NFC SOUTH: Who Dat Encore

Is this the last shot at a Super Bowl for Drew Brees, Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints? It seemed like the New Orleans Saints were on a collision course with the KC Chiefs for a Patrick Mahomes vs. Drew Brees in the Super Bowl last season. But then Drew Brees cooled off and the New Orleans Saints got screwed by the zebras in the NFC Championship game. And all of a sudden a KC/NOLA Super Bowl became a LA Rams/New England Pats title game.

The Carolina Panthers are a flawed squad, but they have one of the most exciting players in the game with Christian McCaffrey. The fantasy football stud will even put up more points this season with a healthy Cam Newton at his disposal. Too bad beaucoup fantasy points do not translate into victories.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a wise move by persuading Bruce Arians to come out of retirement. Arians is not exactly a miracle worker, but he’ll whip the Bucs into a solid team. The Bucs might not win too many games, but their offense will be lights out once again.

The Atlanta Falcons have been on a fast decline ever since they choked in the Super Bowl. Matty Ice is wasting the peak years of his career in no man’s land.

NFC WEST: Rams Reprise

The Los Angeles Rams are the team to beat, but they have a tough schedule. Everyone will be gunning for them, but both Sean McVay and Wade Phillips will be ready. Todd Gurley’s knee is still a huge question mark along with the durability of WR Cooper Kupp, who is fresh off ACL surgery. If there’s any team who wants to return to the Super Bowl more than Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, it’s the LA Rams.

Somehow someway Pete Carroll figures out a way to win with a mediocre Seattle Seahawks squad. They barely spend money (aside from golden boy Russell Wilson), yet Carroll gets the most out of his players. The Seahawks ran the heck out of the ball last season and expect them to do the same.

The San Francisco Niners are one of those teams that the wise guys love this year mostly because of the return of Jimmy G. Let’s see if he can actually play a full season this year.

The Arizona Cardinals have a new coach with zero NFL experience in Kliff Kingsbury and a rookie QB that everyone expected would play pro baseball this season. What could possibly go wrong in Arizona?