The LOL Jets strike again. The New York Jets nearly blew an inside track to the #1 pick in the NFL Draft by securing their first win of the season, but a costly blitz on the final play of the game secured a comeback 31-28 victory for the Las Vegas Raiders. The horrendous eight-man blitz cover zero call against the Raiders cost defensive coordinator Gregg Williams his job when the Jets fired him on Monday morning.

NY Jets LOL Gregg Williams fired Las Vegas Raiders
The NY Jets fired defensive coordinator Gregg Williams after a disastrous call against the Las Vegas Raiders. (Image: Getty)

Despite the drama, fans celebrated the loss because it kept the Jets on track to acquire Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 NFL Draft. For a couple of minutes after the Jets took a 28-24 lead with five minutes remaining, dejected fans began processing the bittersweet moment when they briefly lost a chance at the top quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck.

Then the unthinkable happened when you thought the LOL Jets couldn’t sink any lower. Williams called for a kitchen-sink blitz, which resulted in speedster Henry Ruggs III beating CB Lamar Jackson, an undrafted rookie. Ruggs scored a 46-yard touchdown, lifting the Raiders to a miraculous victory.

“Once I looked back, it felt like the ball was in the air forever, like it couldn’t come down. Just had to find it and make the play,” explained Ruggs.

In 251 other “Hail Mary’ instances since 2005, the Jets were the only team to send an eight-man blitz on the last play of the game.

“I couldn’t believe they all-out blitzed us,” said Las Vegas QB Derek Carr. “As soon as I saw it, I was thankful.”

Williams Out, Gase Still Alive

The Jets should have fired both Adam Gase and Gregg Williams on the spot after that humiliating loss to the Raiders. Don’t even let them off the field or allow them to return to the locker room. Collect their headsets and ID badges, and make them do the walk of shame.

I know that Gase didn’t make the defensive call on the coup de grace, but he’s been so horrible this season, you have to wonder why he’s still coaching this 0-12 team. Fans are growing increasingly paranoid that Woody Johnson will stick with Gase for another season. Because, why would Gase still be the head coach unless the Jets are going to retain his services for 2021?

When the Houston Texans finally fired Bill O’Brien, they won a game and snapped their losing streak. The Detroit Lions finally fired Matt Patricia after an ugly Thanksgiving Day loss, and guess what? The Lions won their next game.

Maybe the Johnson brothers want to fade that freaky scenario when winning teams finally come together for a win when a coach gets dumped? Or are the owners seeking to punish Gase for his crimes against humanity? Nothing would humiliate a “genius” coach more than the constant reminder of an 0-16 record etched into the NFL history books and on Wikipedia in perpetuity.

Meanwhile, linebackers coach Frank Bush will take over as the new defensive coordinator. Bush inherits one of the worst defenses in the league. The LOL Jets are ranked #30 in scoring defense, allowing 29.4 ppg. They’re also ranked #29 in total yards allowed.

Jets Lose, Yet Cover

The LOL Jets covered four out of their last five games. Overall, the Jets improved to 4-8 ATS this season, but we’ll continue to fade them every week this season until they fire Adam Gase.

The Jets have four games remaining, with three of those on the road. The Jets are now -110 to finish 0-16, according to DraftKings with three games remaining against future playoff teams.

  • Week 13: Miami Dolphins 31, NY Jets 28
  • Point Spread: LVR -7.5
  • Jets Record: 0-12 SU, 4-8 ATS
  • Fade the Jets Record: 8-4

The Seattle Seahawks (8-4) are 5-1 at home this season. The LOL Jets are +13.5 underdogs in this Week 14 matchup. Seattle is the only team that has a worse defense than the Jets. Expect Sam Darnold to toss a few touchdowns, but expect the Jets to struggle to contain Russell Wilson and Seattle’s potent offense.

The Seahawks represent one of two upcoming games the Jets have on the left coast. After Seattle this weekend, they head south to play the LA Rams in Week 15. The LOL Jets return home to the janky turf at MetLife Stadium to meet the Cleveland Browns in Week 16. Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots host the Jets in the final game of the season.

There’s no shortage of NFL conspiracy theories floating around on Reddit that suggest Belichick will lose the Week 17 game on purpose to 1) screw the Jets from getting the #1 pick, and 2) avoid having to defend against Trevor Lawrence twice every season.

Then again, Belichick let Tom Brady skip town. Plus, there’s so much bad blood between the two franchises, that he’d love to be the guy who hammers the last nail into the Jets’ 0-16 coffin.