The news that singer Demi Lovato will be performing the National Anthem at the 2020 Super Bowl was a bit of a surprise, but it hasn’t caught oddsmakers off guard. They have listed several prop bets related to Lovato’s singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

Demi Lovato National Anthem
How long will it take Demi Lovato to sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl 54? Will she forget the words? There are prop bets for that … and more. (Image: Getty)

A week before the Super Bowl, Lovato is set to perform at Sunday’s Grammy Awards. It will be her first public performance since a near-fatal drug overdose in July 2018. Seven days after the Grammys, she’ll be in Miami, singing the National Anthem to a television audience of approximately 100 million people.

Lovato is excited to sing the anthem, and broke the news on Twitter last Thursday.

“Singing the National Anthem at #SBLIV,” Lovato wrote in her announcement. “See you in Miami.”

Prop Bet on National Anthem Length

One of the biggest and most popular prop bets is the length of the National Anthem. It is estimated by sportsbooks that millions are wagered on how long it will take to sing.

This year’s length at Bovada is two minutes. The under is +145, while the over is -190. At BetOnline the over/under is 1 minute 59 seconds. The over is the favorite there as well, at -250. The under is +170.

For many singers performing the anthem at the Super Bowl, it is their first time singing on live television, and estimating how long it will take them to get through the notoriously difficult song can be a crap shoot. With Lovato, however, there is a point of reference that might actually help bettors. In Game 4 of the 2015 World Series between Kansas City and the New York Mets, Lovato sang the National Anthem at Citi Field. That rendition took 2:01 to complete.

Another length-related prop bet is the length of the final word, “brave.” BetOnline has the over/under at 5.5 seconds. The over is the favorite at -150. The under is at +110.

Having performed the anthem before, Lovato’s is unlikely to miss a word or flub a line. Still, it could happen, and both BetOnline and Bovada have prop bets on the possibility of omitting a word. The “yes” is +1000 at BetOnline, and +600 at Bovada. The “no” is -2500 at BetOnline, and -1200 at Bovada.

What Will Lovato Wear, Hair Color at Super Bowl 54

BetOnline has prop bets on Lovato’s attire, hair color, and even the color of her microphone. Will she wear a skirt, dress or shorts? The “yes” is -250, while the “no” is +170. Will she wear nail polish? The “yes’ is -2000, while the “no” is +900.

There are three choices for her hair color. Black is the favorite at -250, followed by any other at +275, and blonde at +300.

Her microphone color is even under scrutiny. Again, black is the favorite at -150, but silver/grey is at +150. Any other color is at +300.

Will Military Members or Protesters be Shown?

In what may be one of the worst prop bets available, BetOnline has the likelihood of a military member being televised during Lovato’s performance at -5000. The “no” is +2000. A similar bet sets a line on whether there will be any signs of protest or civil disobedience during the song.

BetOnline is offering a prop bet regarding any player raising a fist. The “no” is the favorite at -1000. The “yes” is +500. Kneeling in protest is another prop bet, but oddsmakers don’t believe that will done either. The “no” is -2500, and the “yes” is +1000. Bovada has a player taking a knee at -1100 for “no” and +575 for “yes.”