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What is American Express?

American Express, or Amex, is a premium financial services company that offers credit cards, corporate cards, currency cards, and more. It's one of the largest credit card providers in the world, with 110 million users worldwide. Given its global reach and strong security measures, American Express is widely accepted at established online gaming sites worldwide.

Players can make deposits and withdrawals using Amex on online casinos and betting sites within minutes. The American Express mobile app can also notify users when funds have been deposited or withdrawn from their account through their mobile. This means they can manage their online casino accounts regardless of their location.

Can I Use Amex at Online Casinos?

Given the strong security protocols and lucrative rewards scheme cardholders enjoy with American Express, it's obvious why they would choose to use Amex with online casinos. Unlike other online purchases however, legislation around online gambling can make Amex transactions complicated for some cardholders.

Players Based in the US

A large percentage of American Express cardholders are based in the US, which has complex online gambling restrictions that vary between states. Some players have tried to circumvent these restrictions by using Amex gift cards, thinking that the funds on these cards are untraceable. Others have tried activating their American Express card for international transactions to use at offshore casino sites.

American Express cancelled its gift cards back in 2015 and those remaining are only accepted at select retailers. As for international transactions, if Amex notices funds being illegally sent from a US-based account to a foreign betting site, it may cancel the transaction, and then freeze or close your account.

As a result, only a handful of online casinos and betting sites in the US accept American Express. In these situations, we recommend players follow their local legislation concerning gambling online. Otherwise, players could lose access to their winnings in their online casino account, and even face charges.

Players Outside of the US

Players outside of the US should check if their country of residence has any banking restrictions related to online gaming. Starting April 2020 for instance, UK players can no longer make deposits at online betting sites using credit cards.

Why Use Amex at Online Gambling Sites?

There's a variety of credit and debit cards, not to mention cryptocurrency options available to players. Using American Express online gives cardholders several unique benefits over other banking options though.

Benefits of Amex Online Banking

Here are just a few perks players can receive when using their Amex online with casino sites:

  • Special casino bonuses: some online casinos offer players exclusive bonuses or promotions for banking with American Express.
  • Fast deposits: Amex deposits are completed almost immediately, giving players more time to play their favorite casino games.
  • User-friendly app: the American Express mobile app for Android and Apple users instantly notifies users when money has been deposited or withdrawn from their account. This helps users keep track of their spending with ease.
  • Earn points for spending: Amex cardholders receive points with purchases that they can spend on travel, retail, and other online transactions.
  • More card options: if players cannot use credit cards for online gaming, Amex also offers debit cards and prepaid card options.
  • Enhanced Security: unlike other financial institutions, American Express handles all cards directly. This means Amex can handle transactions and queries much faster as there are fewer middlemen.

Disadvantages of Using Amex on Betting Sites

As most American Express cardholders know, Amex isn't accepted everywhere. The card charges an annual fee to users, and transaction fees for Amex cards are usually more expensive for businesses than other credit cards. Here are a few factors players should know before using Amex for online gaming transactions:

  • Expensive annual fee: players can spend hundreds a year to own an Amex card. If you're a low stakes player that only uses Amex occasionally for online gaming, the fee might outweigh the amount you win gambling online.
  • Smaller selection of casinos: Amex charges businesses more for transactions on their card than other credit card providers. As a result, fewer online casinos offer Amex as a banking option.
  • Withdrawals can be slow: depending on the online casino, withdrawals done with American Express cards can take up to five business days to complete.

Where Can I Use My Amex Card Online?

When it comes to finding gambling sites that accept American Express, a little sleuthing is sometimes required. Some online gaming sites will feature this information on their homepage, others will hide it in the hope players choose a different card that charges lower transaction fees. Discover how to find whether Amex is accepted at casinos, poker sites, and sportsbooks below. Players can also find whether these sites offer specific Amex perks, too.

Amex Poker Sites

There are a range of poker sites that accept Amex, including the sites on our real money poker page. To find whether a poker site accepts Amex, players should check the website's footer, or the payment methods on registration. The American Express logo will be clearly displayed in these sections if the poker site offers it as a banking method.

There are several benefits to using American Express on poker sites. Along with the casino benefits mentioned above, Amex poker sites generally offer higher limits than other credit cards. Not only that, but poker players can sometimes receive a 5% cashback deposit on American Express transactions, which can earn players other incentives from Amex.

Amex Betting Sites

American Express sports betting sites are harder to find online. Many sportsbooks cover US sports, and as an American company Amex follows strict protocol around online gambling transactions from the US. However non-US bettors can still find sportsbooks that accept American Express transactions. Just look for the Amex logo under banking methods or in the footer of the sportsbook's website.

Amex betting sites make it easier for players to manage their bankroll with instant deposits and notifications. For bettors, using Amex with sportsbooks generally offers fewer restrictions than other credit cards, too. Find the best sportsbooks that accept Amex on our online sports betting page.

Amex Casinos

Amex casinos can be found online through the recommended operators listed on this site, or on our online casino games page. Players can determine whether an online casino accepts American Express in the banking options listed during registration, or in the footer of their website. Given players are keen to use Amex online, the more established casino sites will clearly display whether they accept this payment method on their homepage.

Players can enjoy instant deposits and additional security features with Amex casinos. Unlike some credit cards, American Express allows players to withdraw funds onto their Amex card. Given the stringent security measures American Express enforces, players can rest assured they are playing with a reputable online casino.

How to Make a Deposit with Amex

Aside from the ease of depositing at online casinos using American Express, there are many other reasons why players choose to use this real money payment method when they're doing some gambling online. American Express is already accepted by many online casinos, and the number is only growing. This is important, as some players like to use the same depositing method with multiple gambling sites. By using American Express, this is more than possible.

All transactions are protected by strong encryption technology. What's more, their fraud protection system means that your card can't easily be used by any unauthorised people. To make a deposit with an online gaming site using your American Express card, just follow the steps below:

  • 1

    Go to the cashier/banking section of your favorite online gaming site

    Make sure your Amex card is registered to your account, or the transaction won't process.

  • 2

    Choose American Express from the list of deposit methods

    Players will usually find Amex at the top of the list.

  • 3

    Enter the required information

    Fill out your card information and the amount you wish to deposit in the appropriate boxes. Some casino sites will have minimum deposit limits of $10 or more.

  • 4

    Wait for confirmation

    Once the transaction has been approved, players should receive a notification from the casino or American Express.

  • 5

    Enjoy your game

    With their deposited funds, players can now start gambling online.

How to Withdraw with Amex

Not all gaming sites offer American Express online gambling withdrawals, however there are a few that do. Players can find out which ones by taking a look through the casino reviews on this site.

If a site does offer this option, withdrawals can be quick or slow. You'll need to wait between 48 hours and five business days for the site to authorise the withdrawal request. Once authorization has been given though, the money is transferred instantly.

To make a withdrawal using your American Express card, just follow these easy steps:

  • 1

    Navigate to the cashier or banking section of your account

    Sign in and find this area of your account, which is usually found in the top right corner of an online gaming site.

  • 2

    Select American Express from the list of payment methods

    Amex usually appears at the top of the drop-down list.

  • 3

    Enter the amount to withdraw, and your card details

    Compared to other credit cards, American Express offers higher withdrawal limits.

  • 4

    Wait for the transaction to process

    Once the transfer has been approved, you should receive a notification.

American Express Cards & Options

If you've decided to use American Express online when betting, you probably know there are a range of cards available. Each one has a different annual fee and unique features. To help you find the right one for your online gaming needs, we've provided an overview of the most popular Amex cards accepted by betting sites:

  • Amex Platinum Card – this card costs hundreds in annual fees, but the rewards are worth it for big spenders. Cardholders receive credit to spend on travel, hotels, concerts, and airports, and can earn points as they spend.
  • Amex Gold Card – the first year of issue is free, and then its an annual $125 fee. Players earn points when they spend on the card, which can be used to purchase flights or spent in retail shops.
  • Amex Green Card – the most common Amex card accepted by betting sites, this option charges an annual $95 fee after the first year. Cardholders can receive 3x reward points on spending, and it charges no foreign transaction fees.
  • Amex EveryDay – there's no annual fee for this card. Unlike the other options though, cardholders receive cashback at certain outlets when using this Amex card.
  • Amex Prepaid Card – this debit card offers the same security features of Amex credit cards. The only difference is the cardholder places a certain amount of money on the card and uses it until the funds are gone.
  • Amex Charge Card – this card allows the cardholder to make purchases that are paid for by the card issuer. The balance must be paid back in full every month.