Aladdin Slot Machines

The tale of Aladdin's rise from beggar to prince lends itself to the slot machine like no other. We have all wished for a genie to help out our luck a little - and clever games developers quickly picked up on this. The result was the Aladdin Slot, which spread like wildfire through the games rooms of every self-respecting Las Vegas casino.

The original, land-based Aladdin Slot Machine featured classic images we all associate with this timeless tale of magic and deception. Spinning genie lamps, golden slippers, jewels and the entrances to secret caves are keeping the action going in this outrageous desert adventure. Aladdin kept it simple with three reels and one payline and kept things interesting with a wild and scatter function, as well as a genie bonus round. The game awards a maximum jackpot of 20,000 coins.

Whether you have enjoyed good times at the original Aladdin slots or simply have a soft spot for genie-inspired action, there are some Aladdin-themed online slots out there you might just be interested in.

What attracts people to Aladdin Slots?

Aladdin's Lamp

Five reels and three paylines are all it takes to transport you to the enchanted world of the Arabian Nights.

Make your wishes come true - perhaps even more than three of them - by spinning genies, lamps, sabres and oriental palaces. This wild ride offers a second screen bonus game and is loaded with helpful features like wild and scatter buttons.

Rub Aladdin's Lamp and make a wish.

Genie's Gems

Riches beyond your wildest dreams await behind this magical slot machine.

Five reels and five paylines give you plenty of opportunity to take home the maximum payout of 10,000 coins.

Symbols ranking from genies and magic lamps to glittering, enticing jewels are to be spun into winning combinations. Don't worry if you haven't got a lot to spend either. Genie's Gems takes bets between 25 cents and $5 per line, so anyone can have a great time in this tale of terror and triumph.

Magic Carpet

Take a wild ride on Aladdin's magic carpet on this exciting new online slot machine.

Heavily influenced by the ever-popular Disney interpretation of Aladdin's story, this machine invites you to have a spin of monkeys, carpets, Aladdin and princess Jasmin and many other symbols.

Offering a payout of as much as 10,000 coins, the Magic Carpet will have you reeling with excitement in no time. The machine also includes features like wild, scatter and a free spin option.

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