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Baseball, known as the American pastime, has long been one of the most popular sports in the United States. Over the years, passion for the game has spread throughout the entire world, and baseball is now recognized as the number one sport in both Japan and Cuba.

Major League Baseball is the top professional league in North America, and the most identifiable symbol of baseball in the world. Similar to the NBA, the MLB contains 30 teams spread across the United States and Canada, and competes on a seasonal basis to determine the ultimate champions.

Due to less emphasis being placed on physical exertion than other sports, the MLB holds matches on a much more regular basis than basketball or football. Teams can play more than 160 games in a single season, making the MLB one of the most frequently contested leagues in the world.

After the regular season is completed, the three division winners from both conferences compete in the Division Series. To create a full quarterfinals series, a single wild card team from each conference becomes the fourth club in either the American League or National League, and usually takes on the first seed while second and third battle out the other series.

The four victors from the Division Series then move on to the League Championship Series, and then ultimately the ever-popular World Series. In the most recent championship, the New York Yankees beat out the Philadelphia Phillies 4-2 and claimed their 27th World Series title.

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World Series Champions

  • 2012 San Francisco Giants
  • 2011 St. Louis Cardinals
  • 2010 San Francisco Giants
  • 2009 New York Yankees
  • 2008 Philadelphia Phillies
  • 2007 Boston Red Sox
  • 2006 St. Louis Cardinals
  • 2005 Chicago White Sox
  • 2004 Boston Red Sox
  • 2003 Florida Marlins
  • 2002 Anaheim Angels
  • 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 2000 New York Yankees
  • 1999 New York Yankees
  • 1998 New York Yankees
  • 1997 Florida Marlins
  • 1996 New York Yankees
  • 1995 Atlanta Braves
  • 1994 No World Series
  • 1993 Toronto Blue Jays
  • 1992 Toronto Blue Jays
  • 1991 Minnesota Twins
  • 1990 Cincinnati Red