Everyone knows the faces of the NFL's star players. But what about the team of support staff behind them, who work on everything from game strategy to coaching recovery?

Scroll down to find out who's who, how the NFL's backroom staff has changed through the decades, and how little they get paid compared to the players on the field.

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Based on an average of the current NFL teams' backroom staff numbers, a typical backroom squad is made up of 25 people.

  • Head Coach

    Average salary: $5.5 million 1

  • Assistant Coach

    Average salary: $550,000 1

  • offensive Coaches

    Average salary: $550,000 9

  • Defensive Coaches

    Average salary: $760,000 7

  • Special Teams Coaches

    Average salary: $450,000 2

  • Strength & Conditioning

    Average salary: $400,000 4

  • Support Staff/Analysts

    Average salary: $80,000 1


How much have winning Super Bowl staff teams changed over the years? We gathered this information from all the winning teams' backroom staff and calculated an average.

Since the first ever Super Bowl in 1971, the size of the backroom staff has grown quite substantially. The number of offensive coaches has quadrupled and the number of defensive coaches has trebled over a 40-year period.

In the 2010s, teams radically changed their staff. Assistant coaches were re-branded as part of the larger offensive and defensive coach teams. A second special teams coach was added and, interestingly, analysts were reduced.

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The New England Patriots have been the most successful team in the NFL over the 21st century. We wanted to see how the Patriots' backroom staff compared to that of the average NFL team. The graphs show a typical backroom team of today compared to a typical team of Bill Belichick.

At Super Bowl LI, New England Patriots recorded their fifth Super Bowl win in 15 years. It moved them level with Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers as the second most successful NFL team of all team behind the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Interestingly, the Patriots had a much smaller staff team by 10 people on average. This goes to show that having more backroom staff does not necessarily equate to more success on the field.

The Patriots arguably have the greatest quarterback, Tom Brady, and the best football coach in the League. But a team wouldn't be able to be so successful with just one great player or head coach.

Belichick's leadership has a huge influence on the backroom staff on the likes of offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, and defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia. Combined, they all lead the Patriots to victory.

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Given the recent successes of teams such as the Patriots or Denver Broncos, you might think they spend the most on their players. But it's actually the Oakland Raiders who spend the most, with an average annual player salary of $2.99 million. The San Francisco 49ers spend the least on their players on average, at $2.07 million. It could be argued, then, that it's worth investing more in better coaching and backroom staff than signing the big-name performers on the field. As seen with the Patriots, though, teams need the winning combination of top coaches and top players to be successful.

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  • Oakland Raiders

    Oakland Raiders

    0 $2,990,000
  • Atlanta Falcons

    Atlanta Falcons

    0 $2,970,000
  • Atlanta Falcons

    Washington Redskins

    0 $2,940,000
  • Carolina Panthers

    Carolina Panthers

    0 $2,930,000
  • New York Giants

    New York Giants

    0 $2,930,000
  • Arizona Cardinals

    Arizona Cardinals

    0 $2,910,000
  • Seattle Seahawks

    Seattle Seahawks

    0 $2,900,000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    0 $2,890,000
  • Kansas City Chiefs

    Kansas City Chiefs

    0 $2,890,000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    0 $2,870,000
  • Tennessee Titans

    Tennessee Titans

    0 $2,840,000
  • Green Bay Packers

    Green Bay Packers

    0 $2,830,000
  • Houston Texans

    Houston Texans

    0 $2,830,000
  • Denver Broncos

    Denver Broncos

    0 $2,790,000
  • Los Angeles Rams

    Los Angeles Rams

    0 $2,770,000
  • Philadelphia Eagles

    Philadelphia Eagles

    0 $2,750,000
  • Chicago Bears

    Chicago Bears

    0 $2,720,000
  • New England Patriots

    New England Patriots

    0 $2,690,000
  • Detroit Lions

    Detroit Lions

    0 $2,680,000
  • Tampa Bay Bucs

    Tampa Bay Bucs

    0 $2,670,000
  • Cincinnati Bengals

    Cincinnati Bengals

    0 $2,650,000
  • Buffalo Bills

    Buffalo Bills

    0 $2,640,000
  • Los Angeles Chargers

    Los Angeles Chargers

    0 $2,600,000
  • Dallas Cowboys

    Dallas Cowboys

    0 $2,590,000
  • Minnesota Vikings

    Minnesota Vikings

    0 $2,570,000
  • Indianapolis Colts

    Indianapolis Colts

    0 $2,560,000
  • Baltimore Ravens

    Baltimore Ravens

    0 $2,540,000
  • New Orleans Saints

    New Orleans Saints

    0 $2,530,000
  • Miami Dolphins

    Miami Dolphins

    0 $2,460,000
  • New York Jets

    New York Jets

    0 $2,290,000
  • Cleveland Browns

    Cleveland Browns

    0 $2,140,000
  • San Francisco 49ers

    San Francisco 49ers

    0 $2,070,000
Source: Statista


We gathered information on the backroom staff of all current and past NFL teams. We created a typical team based on an average number of the current backroom staff. We compared the average size of backroom staff of Super Bowl winning teams from 1970s-2010s to assess trends. To compare the Patriots with an average team, we gathered information from the New England Patriots Super Bowl winners. To compare how teams pay their players we calculated an average of the current player salaries.