NFL Pro Side hustles

Which stars are earning big bucks off the field?

The NFL is worth an estimated $91 billion! Yes - pro-ballers are raking in the big bucks. But it’s not just football that makes these guys millionaires.

Some NFL players are making more money off the field than on, with their fingers in pizza joints, real estate and even commercial cleaning. They might have got their fame by playing the game but is the real money made outside the sport?

We at Online Gambling pulled the figures, revealing whose side hustle pays off the most.

Football pays big, but does pizza pay bigger?

# Name Team Position Status Estimated Annual NFL earnings Estimated net worth Earnings from side hustle Side Hustle

Top 3 Highest Earners

  1. 1



    Roger Staubach earns $640m from sale of real estate empire

    • He retired in 1979
    • In 1977, he founded his real estate company, The Staubach Company
    • In 2008, he sold The Staubach Company for a massive $640m
  2. 2



    Peyton Manning picks up $232m from Papa John’s

    • He retired in 2015
    • He became a Papa John’s franchisee, with 31 restaurants across Denver which he sold in 2018
    • His investment in the franchise has seen him earn approximately $232m
  3. 3



    Michael Strahan earns $48m from entertainment business

    • He is now an award winning sports presenter on Fox NFL Sunday and Good Morning America’s Strahan, Sara and Keke.
    • He founded SMAC Entertainment, a talent management and production company
    • He collaborated with JC Penny to release his own range of sneakers
Patric Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes scores the richest contract in North American sporting history

Back on the field and it’s Patrick Mahomes making the headlines for his paycheque. At the start of 2020 the quarterback signed a 10-year deal worth an estimated $503 million with the Kansas City Chiefs, making him the highest paid athlete in the history of the sport. If the other quarterbacks on our list are anything to go by, his earnings won’t stop there. The Super Bowl (LIV) MVP is set to earn huge sums throughout his career, and we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for what he gets up to after.

Do you want to find out how long it would take Patrick Mahomes to earn your salary? Check out our salary calculator here.


We used Celebrity Net Worth to find out each player’s current net worth, and discover their annual salaries using Spotrac. We then subtracted their annual salary from their total net worth to see how much they had earned from outside of their football careers.