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Patrick Mahomes
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The Richest NFL Contract In History

The 24-year-old quarterback's 10-year contract is worth a whopping $500m426.4m€£385.4m, which works out as an average of $45m38.4m€£34.7m a year. So how long would it take Mahomes to earn your salary?


Patrick Mahomes contract:

$500m 426.4m€ £385.4m

It would take him

to earn your annual salary.

$45m 38.4m€ £34.7m per year
$123.3k 105.1k€ £95k per day
$5.1k 4.4k€ £4k per hour
$85.62 73.02€ £66 per minute
$1.43 1.22€ £1.1 per second

On your current salary, it would take you

0 years

to earn what Patrick Mahomes makes in just one year ($45m)

Patrick Mahomes

You'd have had to start working in 0 to earn that much money.

2020 / $45m

And to earn Patrick Mahomes's full contract ($500m)

It would take you

0 years
The Stone Age

The Stone Age

2.6 million years ago

The Ancient World

The Ancient World

3500 BC - 500 AD

The Medieval Age

Medieval Times

500 - 1500 AD

The Modern World

The Modern Era

1500 - Present Day

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If you wanted to earn his contract by 2030, you'd have needed to start working way back in The Stone Age. working way back in The Ancient World. working way back in Medieval Times. working at the beginning of The Modern Era.

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