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Top Ten Amazing Golf Shots

I think it’s safe to say that golf is one of the toughest sports to master. It is one of the only major sports where a player can finish dead last in one event, only to win another the following week. Good days and bad, anyone who has played golf knows about them, and none more so than the professionals that take on the PGA Tour each year.

We’ve scoured the golfing archives to bring you the very best in amazing golf shots, whether from the hands of the incredible Tiger Woods, or nine-year-old prodigies. Anyone who has ever managed a hole-in-one will know the feeling of pulling off that magical shot, and here are ten of the best.

1 – Tiger Woods

Arguably the best putt in this history of professional golf, and easily one of the most amazing golf shots ever, this Tiger Woods putt beats out all the rest simply because of its sheer ridiculousness.

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2 - Fuzzy Zoeller

This one is a no-brainer. Fuzzy Zoeller misses the green entirely, only for his ball to roll back and, well… you have to see it for yourself.

3 – Wells Hooper

He may not be a pro just yet, but when this video was taken, 9-year-old Wells Hooper showed the world that he might just be the next Tiger Woods. Take a look for yourself.

4 – Padraig Harrington

There’s a reason that Padraig Harrington was the king of the British Open in 2007 and 2008. His unwavering desire to attack the flag on every hole has been both his downfall and his saviour. This 277-yard shot in howling winds shows just how much talent this Irishman possesses.

5 – Phil Mickelson

This shot from an incredibly awkward position set Mickelson up for the win at the 2008 Colonial. If only all of us could be so calm in the rough.

6 – Rich Beem

I doubt the 2002 PGA Championship winner needs another car, but Rich Beem certainly deserved this one after his incredible hole-in-one at the 2007 Nissan Open.

7 – Craig Parry

Craig Parry’s hole-out in the 2004 Doral is one that all Aussie golf fans will remember. The Australian veteran took his chances on a shorter iron and it paid dividends by producing this spectacular shot. Needless to say he won the tournament.

8 – Vijay Singh

Some may question why this amazing shot is so low on the list, and the simple answer is that it was achieved during a practice round. Golfers have a tradition at the Masters of attempting to skid the ball off the water on the 16th. See how Vijay Singh aced it.

9 – Geoff Ogilvy

While it could be said that Ogilvy only won the 2006 US Open thanks to brain-snaps by both Phil Mickelson and Colin Montgomery, he wouldn’t have been able to claim the title without this superb chip under pressure.

10 – Tiger Woods

Perhaps not considered a spectacular shot in comparison to the others on our list, this Tiger Woods putt takes out #10 for the sheer pressure that was riding on it. Tiger needed to sink this one to move into a play-off at Torrey Pines. You think he made it?

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