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Online Gambling iPhone Wallpapers has put together a list of wallpapers that you can download directly to your Apple iPhone without having to resize and change them.

If you would like to use these wallpapers on your iPhone you can download them right here for free.

How to Install iPhone Wallpapers

The easiest way to install the online gambling iPhone wallpapers on this page is to open this page using Safari on your iPhone. Once you are on this page, click on the desktop wallpaper that you would like to be your wallpaper on your iPhone. Clicking on the images above will open in a new window.

Now that you have the wallpaper opened in a new window, put your finger in the image on the screen and hold your finger there for 3 seconds. A menu will pop up and give you two options, choose the Save Image option. This will put the downloaded image into your Photos Folder.

To then get the iPhone Wallpaper working, navigate from the Home to (Settings) -> (Wallpaper) -> (Camera Roll) -> then choose the image that you would like to be your wallpaper.

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