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Football betting is an extremely popular activity all over the world. In the United States the sport is known as soccer, so when you are perusing the online sportsbooks keep an eye out for the soccer betting and soccer bets sections.

Football bets are extremely simple to make, allowing loyal fans a multitude of betting options. Unlike some sports, football allows bettors to wager on a draw as well as an outright win. For example let us say that Arsenal is playing a friendly against the NY Red Bulls. The odds may be: Arsenal -145; NY Red Bulls +375; and a Draw +235. New York are the clear underdogs, however if they managed to pull off a draw – which is quite common in football – the bettor would stand to win $235 for every $100 they spend, giving them a total winning of $335.

Some significant matches such as the Champions League final have additional football betting options. For the most recent final involving Manchester United and Barcelona, online sportsbooks offered bettors the chance to wager on who would score first, who would be winning at halftime, and even who, out of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, would score the most goals by the end of the game. Bettors have a very good chance of winning big money on "first goal" bets in high profile games as all outfield players have the ability to score goals. For example, Nemanja Vidic was placed at +15000 odds to score the first goal, however he had already scored seven goals in the 2008-09 season.

In addition to these proposition bets, fans may also bet on an under/over option. These types of odds are usually set at around 2 or 2.5 in football betting. For example, if the under/over is 2.5, your team must win by at least 3 goals if you bet on over, and no more than 2 goals if under.

Club matches are not the only games that fans are able to bet on. The World Cup is one of the biggest events in sport, and odds are available for every game leading up to, and during, the tournament. With 194 teams competing to qualify for the 2006 Germany World Cup, there are a lot of football bets on offer. Qualification stage games are often the easiest games to call, however, upsets are always possible. This was proven in April of 2009 when two-time World Cup winners, Argentina, were destroyed by Bolivia 6-1. The odds were extremely favourable towards the Argentines, so plenty of Bolivian fans made a profit after that match.

Placing a wager on your favourite club is a great way to support your team, as well as adding a level of excitement to the match. And remember, the next World Cup is only just around the corner; you can follow your national team’s progress on online sportsbooks today.

Example of Soccer Lines

The odds on a football match may look similar to this:

Team One - 182
Draw + 230
Team Two + 450

In that example, if you placed a wager on Team One, you risk $18.20 to win $10, while those that placed bets on Team Two stand to win $45 for every $10 wagered if their team wins. Bettors also have the option of betting the game will be played to a draw and those bettors will risk $10 for the opportunity to win $23. Remember, as you can wager on a tie, your team must win the match or you will lose your bet.

Other Types of Football Bets

A number of soccer matches will have proposition bets, betting on things such as the time of the first goal, the team to score first or the team who is winning at half time. There are also under/over bet option, so that a bettor may wager over a certain number of goals or under a certain number. If the number for this bet is 2.5, a better wagering on the over would need at least three goals to be scored to win the bet, while a person betting on the under could have no more than two goals scored to win.

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