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Baseball Bets

In baseball, there are two different types of betting on a match result, they are the Money Line and the Run Line. Let's explore these two options more.

Money Line

The money line is basically the odds of the game and it's these odds that determine how much money is won when wagering on either the favorite or the underdog. The highest negative money line determines the favorite team, and the lowest negative money line and all positive money lines determine the underdog.

The money line is listed based on a $100 bet and may look confusing to the novice player betting on a baseball game for the first time. Baseball betting lines are expressed as a dollar with cents and sometimes the decimal will be used.

Odds of -1.50 and -150 are the same thing. A favorite that is -150 means that you have to bet 150 to win 100. On the opposite side if one were to bet an underdog at +150 you would only have to bet 100 to win 150. The favorite is always a minus and the underdog will always be a plus.

How Pitchers Affect the Odds

In Baseball, the pitchers are the key to the game. The money line in Baseball is made based on the starting pitchers for any game. In the event of a pitcher change before the game and an unscheduled pitcher starts, the money line might be adjusted.

Run Line

The run line is used in Baseball when one team is the favorite by a large margin, a number of runs such as 1 or 2 is subtracted from the score of the favorite team. This is similar to the point spread in Football.