Online Duplicate Poker

How to Play at Duplicate Poker

There are three variants of Duplicate Poker, they are - Tournaments, Sit and Gos and Quick Play.

The tournaments are regular poker contests that are held at a scheduled time and have pre-set duration of time or number of hands.

In duplicate poker, the standard game method in these tournaments is pot limit Texas Hold'em until the penultimate and final rounds. In those rounds the game changes to No-Limit Hold'em. Regular tournaments are held with any number of players and tables.

Secondly, there is a Quick Play variant. Quick Play involves matches with four to thirty players and engages only a single set of hand dealt. There can be two to six players on each table and no more than five tables at a single game.

The number of deals in a set differs from five to eight, according to the number of players at a table. The total time involved in a Quick Play contest is usually less than ten minutes. A Round Robin format determines the winner.

Thirdly, there is a round-robin session. A Round Robin is a Sit and Go game for six players, where each player plays every other player exactly once for a predetermined series of deals.

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