As we have just launched the new website, we're not really sure what people are going to be asking us. So there's not a whole lot of frequently asked questions yet. Your best bet if you have a question is to email us. We should be able to answer just about any question you have in regard to online gambling.

Q. How do I contact
A. Via the contact us page.

Q. I can't post on the forum - why not?
A. You probably haven't verified your email address yet. Check your inbox (and spam/junk folders) for the email we sent you and click on the verification link it contains. Then you should be able to post on the forum.

Q. How safe is online gambling?
A. If you stick to the gaming sites featured on it is very safe. Many companies have been online since the late 1990s, meaning they have been in business for nearly a decade. Many are also public companies that are traded on the stockmarket, audited and accountable to their shareholders and regulatory bodies. We have been playing online since 2003 and fortunately have never had any trouble with unscrupulous online gaming operators. The security systems used to protect your financial and personal information online are exacty the same as a bank, so are very safe.

Q. Is it legal to gamble online?
A. The short answer is yes - in most countries around the world it is perfectly legal for their citizens to gamble online. The long answer is that some jurisdictions have tried to ban certain types of online gambling because 1) they are too incompetent to regulate it properly and 2) they would prefer their citizens only spend money gambling where any profit is returned to the government somehow through taxes or campaign fund contributions. Many such laws are quite cryptic and we are not lawyers, so we cannot definitely say if online gambling is legal where you reside. If you are worried about the legality of online gambling where you live, you should consult a competent lawyer for advice. To our knowledge no citizen of any country has ever been prosecuted for placing a wager online.

Q. Will downloading casino software hurt my computer?
A. No. We have downloaded the software from every gaming business featured on and there is no risk of viruses, malware, spyware or anything else that could possibly damage or corrupt your PC. Stick to our links and you will be safe from any web nasties.

Q. Can I play on a Mac or Linux machine?
A. Yes. Many casinos have no-download or flash versions of their software for use by Mac and Linux users. Some even have excellent customised Mac software, such as Full Tilt Poker. We try to detect if you are using a Mac and only show you banners of compatible sites, so click through and try one out.

Q. How do casinos and poker rooms decide results or shuffle cards?
A. Online Gambling sites use a RNG (Random Number Generator) to produce their game results and card shuffles. There a few different types of RNG in use across the various types of software. Many of the sites will have information about their RNG and other security protocols detailed on their website. Wikipedia also has some good information on randomness and RNGs.

Q. Are online gambling sites fair, or are they rigged?
A. Of course they are fair! These businesses are licensed and regulated just as any live casino is. All systems are extensively tested and many casinos do not even write or control the software that is in use - it is licensed from third party network operators whose sole function is to develop the software and ensure the integrity of the games. In our opinion games are actually fairer online because there are no human factors involved, such as the quality of a shuffle or the possibility of human error in dealing cards or paying bets. How many times have you had a hand or bet voided or underpaid at a live casino because the dealer made a mistake? That simply doesn't happen online.

Q. What games can I play online?
A. If you can think of a game to gamble on, there's a good chance you can play it online. There is a wider range of games available at most online casinos than any live casino. I don't know about the rest of the world, but at our local casino many table games have been removed in favor of installing more slot machines. It has made the place boring. Some slots are always good, but no casino should be just blackjack and slots! Online you can play virtually any game ever invented, as well as some new ones you may not have even heard of. For example at Golden Casino there are over 80 games available. Browse through the website and you will find many games explained with links to where you can play each of them.

Q. Does endorse responsible gambling?
A. Yes, we are committed to responsible gambling and encourage our members to adopt responsible gambling practises. See our responsible gambling for more information.

Q. What experience to the staff have?
A. Our staff have extensive technical, journalistic and management backgrounds. With regard specifically to the internet and online gambling, our staff have previously worked for publicly listed internet companies, live casinos, domain registrars, pay-per-click search engines, affiliate programs, marketing divisions of professional sporting teams and overseen the development of a gaming software development company from the ground up. All of our staff have been working online since at least 2000 and know their way around the online gambling industry, having met executives and staff from most of the big online gaming brands. We know who to trust, where to get accurate information and how to have fun by playomg games online! Our aim is to pass this knowledge onto visitors at

Q. Where is based?
A. The company that owns is incorporated in Singapore and our web servers are in Quebec, Canada. We also have contributing staff from various other countries around the world.