Online Slots Pay Table

Slot Machine Pay Table The pay table is arguably the most important feature of any online slot machines. Not only does it provide a list of all the possible winning combinations you can achieve at your selected slot, it also shows the exact payout you will receive when you eventually land said combinations.

Depending on which games you choose to play, the pay tables can vary greatly. While some of the smaller, more traditional online slot machines will only offer a handful of winning combinations, others will have dozens of unique ways to win a payout.

In addition to the list of possible combinations, the pay table also displays the multiplier. Using the multiplier, players will be able to find out how much they are able to earn on a winning combo in relation to the number of coins wagered. Three coin spins, for example, will offer a larger payout than single coin spins.

Any Wilds, bonus games, or gamble features will also be made available in the pay table section of the slot. There you will be able to find out what sort of symbols must be spun in order to activate the bonus game, what sort of symbols the Wilds can become, and how the gamble feature works.

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