Jacks or Better - Video Poker

Jacks or Better Jacks or Better is a classic video poker game and one that can be found in nearly every casino as single or 2 to 4 hand variations.

Many consider it to be the original video poker game. It is aptly named, as you have to get at least a pair of Jacks to receive a payout. The highest paying hand is a Royal Flush, which pays out up to 250 coins. There are a couple of different types of Jacks or Better with 9/6 Jacks or Better being the best.

The 9/6 refers to the 9 for 1 payout for a Full House and the 6 for 1 payout for a Flush. Many players prefer this type of Jacks or Better because it generally has a higher payout percentage (about 99.5%) than other games. There are also 8/5 and 7/5 games available.

Where to Play Jacks or Better