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Also known as Twenty-One (or Vingt-Et-Un, to our French neighbours) and Pontoon, Blackjack is the best-known and most-played casino banking game of our time. Blackjack is an appealing game on many levels; the basic rules are quickly understood, it is fast paced and spending time at a Blackjack table always seems to create a 007 sensation.

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As a casino classic, Blackjack has survived the test of time with ease, thanks to its unceasing charms. And what a test of time it has been.

The first mention of Blackjack in written records dates back to the 17th century when the game was described in a short story by Miguel de Cervantes, the author responsible for 'Don Quixote'. However, the game was not introduced into the American gaming culture until the 20th century, when the first Blackjack tables appeared in the fledgling casinos. Naturally the game has evolved over time, so if you are interested in learning more about the game's background, read on for some Blackjack History.

The evolution of Blackjack includes more than just a modernising of the table and a redesigning of the cards. It extends to the development of several different kinds of Blackjack. Some variations of Blackjack are European Blackjack, Las Vegas Strip Blackjack, Pontoon and Single Deck Blackjack. These versions of the beloved classic are distinguished by the amount of card decks used in the game and certain variations in the set rules. For in depth information about the different kinds of Blackjack available, read our Types of Blackjack page.

While there are several variations of the game, the basic set of rules remains similar throughout all of them. The main aim of a game of Blackjack is to collect cards with values adding up to 21 or less. If a player receives cards with values adding up to a figure over 21, he is considered 'bust' and his stake goes to the bank. Once you have grasped this essential rule of the game you can slowly work your way up to expertise in the finer points of Blackjack. To learn the rules of Blackjack and how they might affect what is called the House Advantage, enter our ten minute Blackjack academy here.

It is the intricate rules which make Blackjack a favourite game for strategic players. Calculating your chances of winning does not only depend on your own hand but also on that of the dealer, meaning a serious round of Blackjack - whether with just one or multiple players - can easily turn into a merciless battle of wits and nerve. To decide whether it is time to 'double down', 'split' or 'stand' (and to learn the exact meaning of these Blackjack terms) move on to read about Blackjack Strategy.

Blackjack will become a true delight once you have familiarised yourself with the possible strategies and rules - because this will allow you to focus on some very specific points of the game. Options like 'Resplitting', 'Side Bets' and the rules surrounding the fabled 'Soft 17' will be making your rounds of Blackjack even more interesting. As a player aware of all the ins and outs of the game it will only be a matter of time before that distinctive James Bond feeling will shed a warm glow on your game of Blackjack.

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